wool silk rugs

Just saying the word silk is used to describe the softness and smoothness of any material. Merging it with the durable, sustainable and unique texture of wool brings character and it is the ideal choice for every space.

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wool silk rugs

Why buy wool silk rugs

Besides the pure wool and pure silk carpets, there is a third variant which is a mix of two—wool and silk which are exquisite rugs that spectacularly blend both of these premium natural materials. At Jaipur Rugs Australia, we take a lot of pride in our wool-silk rugs as they encapsulate the best of both the materials—wool and silk—and give an unparalleled end product in the form of exceptional rugs that are ready to grace your home. At Jaipur Rugs AU, we hand-make these carpets with our weaver community who have mastered the craft of rug weaving and are vanguards of this dying art form. Our wool-silk rugs are one-of-a-kind rugs that are a result of years of impeccable craftsmanship and practice as well as research into designs and styles that speak to a global audience. 

What makes Wool-Silk rugs special?

Combining the best of wool in its durability and the luxurious sheen of silk, wool-silk rugs truly are investment pieces that you will treasure throughout your life. These rugs are hard-wearing Indian handmade rugs and are resilient to wear in tear, making them perfect for medium to high traffic areas. Our wool-silk rugs are intricately designed with traditional motifs in lush color palettes. They come in a variety of designs, styles, sizes, and colors to lighten and brighten any home and fill it with warmth. 

  1. Absorbs Dust – Wool by its very nature is dust and pollen absorbent, making the environment pleasant in your room cleaner. This is especially a good choice for people who suffer from asthma and allergies, etc. You can always have your carpet professionally cleaned to make sure it continues to hold its original shine. 

  2. Fire Retardant – If the wool-silk rug comprises 50% wool, it acts as a fire retardant, owing to its dust and moisture-absorbent nature, which is a good feature to have in a rug, be it for your home, official, or commercial space. 

  3. Resilient – Wool and silk fibers are both strong, elastic, and resilient. In fact, silk fibers can be stretched up to 20% of their length without snapping! In fact, a single filament of silk is more tensile (strong) than the same thickness steel filament.

  4. Light weight – A pure wool carpet will be much heavier as compared to a wool-silk rug. The silk blend in the rug makes it lightweight. These are easy to transport and shift from one room to another. 

  5. Strength – Perhaps one of its greatest advantages is its strength as wool and silk come together to make it one of the strongest and most durable carpets in the world. These rugs serve as family heirlooms and last for generations. They are also resilient to heavy furniture and heavy footfalls as they bounce back to their original state. 

Why choose wool-silk rugs from Jaipur Rugs AU?

Craftsmanship and quality remain at the top of our priorities when it comes to perfecting the art of rug-weaving by hand. Our vast network of artisans all across India blesses each and every Jaipur Rugs creation with their skill, talent, and hard work, something we bring to you every time you buy a rug from us. Our rugs are a true mark of our enduring efforts at bridging the gap between rural weavers from India and the global audience. We merge state-of-the-art customer care services with that to ensure that your experience buying rugs with us is seamless and memorable. We also do free home delivery of our rugs all across AU.

Rugs Price
enr-7015 grey and black hand knotted Rugs AU$ 12,030
qm-951 pink and purple hand knotted Rugs AU$ 2,320
qnq-10 green hand knotted Rugs AU$ 13,310
tx-1716 blue hand knotted Rugs AU$ 680
slr-7067 blue hand knotted Rugs AU$ 13,310
esh-1413 red and orange hand knotted Rugs AU$ 10,750
ne-2348 pink and purple hand knotted Rugs AU$ 9,980
aiws-3007 red and orange hand knotted Rugs AU$ 2,940
ela-302 grey and black hand knotted Rugs AU$ 9,980
qm-951 blue hand knotted Rugs AU$ 8,170
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