5 Best Rugs for This Winter Season to Compliment Your Space

  • 19 December 2022
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  • By Jaipur Rugs
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In this article, we will cover winter themed area rugs that are the best fit as winter rugs for living room or the best entryway rugs for winter.

This winter, you may be looking for your next rug to purchase. You are probably trying to cozy and warm up your home with love and style while still being mindful of the cold outdoors. The benefit of the winter season is that tons of holiday deals enable you to buy winter carpets at a discounted price. Winter area rugs are the go-to move for anyone looking to add cushion, luxury, and warmth to their holiday environment. 

In this article, we will cover winter-themed area rugs that are the best fit as winter rugs for the living rooms or the best entryway rugs for winter. Some of the more prominent options that will be covered include shag rugs, wool rugs, texture rugs, natural fiber rugs, and traditional rugs. The rugs we will discuss come in many different styles, such as silk and modern rugs, in addition to an array of colors, sizes, and patterns. 

kids rug for winter season

Read on to find out which of the five winter rugs may be best for your home this winter season. 

Shag Rug

The historically famous shag rug may be your first go-to choice for this holiday season. Shag rugs can add warmth and texture to any space, especially when they are plush. Shaggy rugs are one of the more optimal winter-themed rugs for those looking to create personality and finish furnishing their home. 

With a deep, thick pile of shag, these rugs provide needed insulation in homes that naturally become cold or lose heat to the outdoors. This rug can get the job done in colder months while simultaneously creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. There are so many different styles of shag rugs to choose from. Therefore, the extensive range of colors, materials, and styles shag rugs come in can be integrated into any winter room. 

shag rugs for winter

Wool Rug

Wool rugs come in various neutral colors and blends that can add sophistication when incorporated with surrounding decor. Using a wool rug as a winter rug can be a great addition during a cold-temperature season. They contain properties that resist moisture, allow fibers to exert their structural integrity, and create densely packed interwoven threads that are designed to insulate and add warmth to a home. 

So, whether you bring snow, dirty water, or even mud into the house after a long day shoveling or playing in the snow, you can count on a hand-crafted wool rug to stay clean and provide the decorative feel you need. It is uniquely eclectic, archaic, and resistant, making it the perfect companion for winter. 

wool rugs for winter season

Texture Rug

The winter can be considered the holiday season in many different parts of the world. This is where a textured rug can come into play. Although a textured rug does not provide warmth and durability compared to a wool rug, it allows you to add visual appeal to any room in your abode. 

Oftentimes, these winter rugs are composed of many holiday colors like green, white, blue, red, yellow, and much more. In addition to the colors, you may find patterns like snowflakes and pine trees to fit the winter vibe. The color and pattern combination allows for the rug to create a festive environment for friends, families, and neighbors who may come over to your place. 

geometric texture rug for home

Natural Fiber Rug

The natural fiber rug accomplishes different decorating goals when laid out in a room. It provides a rustic and organic feeling to each space in your home, which matches winter style by bringing the beauty of winter inside a warm home. This type of rug is made from either jute or sisal, natural plants found throughout the Eastern hemisphere. 

Although natural fiber rugs might not be as thick as wool ones, they can still provide a little extra insulation to warm the space with their thin layers. Consider a natural fiber rug if you want to create an environmental appeal and bridge it with the themes of the winter season. 

natural rugs for winter season

Traditional Rug

Using traditional rugs as winter rugs is one of the more common findings globally. Since traditional rugs are among the first ever created, they have been through the thick and thin of the winter season. Over time, this rug has become a luxurious addition to every household. In particular, the oriental rug is commonly associated with the winter season because of its geometric motifs, elegance, and origin from high-quality materials. Purchasing a traditional rug will undoubtedly provide nothing but value for your home. 

traditional rugs in winter season

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