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The Mould House, Kolkata

Fluid, organic and intuitive, The Mould House is a home that defies all limitations.

The structure of the space is moulded into curves and contours--spaces are intertwined rather than separated, and the interplay between them is seamless. The essence of design was to play with asymmetricality, blur boundaries, and create a home in which the occupants could truly feel liberated and at ease.

This project was done by Sahil Jain, the principal architect at Morphlab. He explores design through parametricism and digital fabrication, deriving inspiration through travel and travel photography. He constantly seeks out new experiences to enrich his outlook towards the world of design and architecture, and his award-winning studio has projects across the country.

In The Mould House, the concept was based on abstract, organic forms inspired by local clay-craft techniques. The elegance of modern, minimal forms bring life to the apartment, while a keen eye to tradition and the natural environment soften the space with a sense of familiar comfort.

The rugs were chosen as a process of natural selection, a missing piece of the puzzle to tone up or subdue the expression of the space that was envisaged.

Sahil has also shared his top 10 picks for rugs, the variety covering classic rectilinear designs, deco inspired to modern Indian as well as rugs that are abstract and geometry based.

pic credit : PHX India