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Looking for an extra-large rug can be a treacherous journey. Most brick-and-mortar stores carry medium-sized rugs and very few oversized rugs. This leaves you with few options to choose from and satisfies your interior design expectations. By hopping over to our site at Jaipur Rugs, you can choose from dozens of different 300 x 420 rugs or 10x14 area rugs if you are searching in feet.

Placement of 300 x 420 rugs or 10x14 area rugs

Living Room

A 10x14 jute rug is your best option for the living room. Such a large size can adequately take up the space of a standard living room which measures 16x12. This ensures that a minimum of 24 inches extends from all sides of large living room rugs 10x14 which is the recommended spacing parameter between the edge of a rug and a wall. Ensuring that 10x14 area rug clearance is within the specific recommendations is important to prevent it from looking too small or too big for the room.


For your bedroom, a 10 x 14 shag rug can be placed underneath your king or queen bed and look immaculate. The 300 x 420 rug will provide a messy external border surrounding the frame of the bed which can add a unique perspective to the room.


Outdoor rugs with durable, strong tensile fibers are rare to find. When visiting our Jaipur Rugs India website, you will come to realize that our 10x14 outdoor rugs are abundant. Large area rugs 10x14 (300 x 420 rug) will cover most of your wooden or concrete patio that you just built. Rather than sitting and staring at a bland surface, a 10x14 jute sisal rug could sizzle up your space nicely.

How to choose the right 10x14 area rugs for your home?

By Material

Wool rugs are the primary choice for rug buyers looking to buy a new rug. A wool rug 10 x 14 offers an exquisite blend of quality and durability which can suit many different budgets. Quite similar to transitional rugs, wool rugs integrate nicely with most rooms.

By Design

If the design is your decisive characteristic, then you will not be let down. Jaipur Rugs offers the grandest selection of 300 x 420 rugs by pattern. Select from tribal, Moroccan, ikat, floral, and graphic patterns. You will notice that we use high-quality images of our rugs to ensure you visualize the rug effectively.

By Colours

The following colors are offered in our store: multi, pink, gold, red, purple, green, blue, ivory, beige, and more. If you find that your ideal rug doesn’t contain the colors you want, you can choose customized rugs. Please note that not all of our rug designs are available for customization.

By Size

Sure, a 300 x 420 rug may be what you are looking for, but if you look at your room again and decide that it may be too big, then you can also browse our other sizes. We offer many other widths and lengths all the way down to 2x3 feet.



What is the largest size of an area rug?

The largest size of an area rug that we offer is a 10 x 14 rug or 300 x 420 rug if you are using the metric system.

Which type of rug works best in high-traffic areas?

Viscose rugs are the best 300 x 420 rugs for areas with heavy foot traffic. They are manufactured by machines because they are intended for places like these. They often lack the silk smooth fancy characteristics of hand woven rugs, but they make up for their long-lasting quality.

Do large rugs make a room look bigger?

Large rugs that are 300 x 420 rug can definitely add depth and perspective to your specified room. As long as there's some furniture that is placed on or around the rug, you can alter the visitor's sense of size.

What material is best for a 10x14 rug?

The best material for a 300 x 420 rug is whatever you choose. As alluded to earlier, Jaipur Rugs offers several different material options that are handcrafted. Select from jute, viscose, bamboo, cotton, wool, and much much more. Regardless if you are looking for soft and fuzzy or tough and durable, we got you covered.

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