How to Use Round Rugs to Elevate Your Home Decor

  • 31 March 2021
  • 4 Min Read
  • By Jaipur Rugs
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Are you looking for a quick makeover for your space with something dandy? Consider a round rug. It’s versatile shape has the ability to rock the floor.

Round rugs are exquisite pieces of art that can adorn any space but to pull them off can be tricky at times. Breathe, it is no rocket science either. All you need to do is, lay them at an apt place and they will leave you amazed by the new look they bring to your interiors. You can try various permutations and combinations yourself and here are ways that will ease your decisions and widen your perspective in elevating the aura of your room.

Breaking the monotony

Round rugs break the monotony by giving you a better choice to organize your room as it is inherent to think of a rectangular rug when you go to buy a new one. The curves of a circular rug have the scope to set everything straight.

Ideal for cross junctions

Circle rugs can ideally be placed at cross junctions especially when it comes to hotel lobbies or even offices. Those are the areas that receive maximum footfall throughout the day.

Complementary to arches

If the interiors of your home comprise arches, then adding a round area rug will give your home the finishing touch it requires. Placing a rectangular or square rug can be odd for such a setting, right?

Explore the uncharted territories

Each home has spaces that remain unattended most of the time. If you wish to bring footfall to those unexplored areas, place a round rug and see what happens.

Making a bold statement

A round area rug does a great job in making a bold statement in comparison to a rectangular rug. If a chandelier adorns the ceiling of your home and you manage to place a round rug just below it then you can imagine the impact it will have on the entire appearance of your house. A round rug is itself capable of creating a grand appeal as compared to a regular rectangular rug. Yes, you got it right, its shape has the power!

Your sweet little reading spot

A round area rug has a dual nature. It not only creates a bold statement but at the same time can also provide you with your own sweet corner where you want to be at peace. Whenever you wish to spend quality time with yourself to read up a little or just have a cup of coffee without interacting with the outside world, a round area rug can help you achieve that.

Laying a round rug

Buying a round area rug immediately puts you in the best of both worlds. Since it does not have corners, you can place it any way you want to. All you need to do is, fix an ideal spot and rotate it any number of times you want to. Also since there are no edges, you always walk on and off a carpet in a smooth manner without meddling with the length and breadth.

Circle rugs are best suited as recreation spots

Have you ever tried sitting on the ground to just chat and relax with your loved ones? Somehow, it will always be fun. Now, imagine you have a round rug placed below to provide you warmth and comfort while you are having a ball. It gives a feeling of being close to home, no matter which part of the world you are in.

round area rug for home and kids

Entryway: The beginning of your home sweet home

Placing a round rug at the entryway makes the space even more inviting. An entryway is in fact a nice place to experiment with designs. You can explore solids, abstract patterns, or even geometric motifs that will do a great job for your entryway.

Contrasts work magically for your living room

If your room is a mix of rectangles and squares such as sofas, walls, chairs, then picking up a round rug, will be a great choice to diminish the edgy look, making it more welcoming. Round rugs with a cushiony appearance will immediately make you want to dive in. Place a circle rug and let your toes make way and leave it for the carpet to balance the pointy looks of the room.

Round rugs suit the best for a hardworking place

Do you know your household is defined by the kitchen of your house as it where most of the hard work takes place? Don’t you think space deserves a little more warmth? Whether you want it or not, your kitchen area receives the maximum traffic. It’s on you to choose the color tone that goes with it. It can go in both directions from bright to muted and it will certainly draw people towards it.

Round rugs are a nice fit for your kid's room

Kids love to play with shapes. As it is rightly said, ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.’ You don’t want your child to be one of those, right? For him to be active, give him a place where he can stretch his limbs to jump, hop or skip. This will be an entirely new learning experience for your child.

Round area rugs create a spotlight effect

Round rugs are one of the best ways to pull attention to certain areas of your home that you wish to highlight. Moreover, they are just right to be placed in the areas where you wish to entertain your guests.

Gels well with specifications

In this busy world, when families gather only for breakfast or supper each day, then it is important to enhance the value of those limited moments. A round rug can do that. It accompanies well with a round dining table especially if you place it with all its legs on the rug. Moreover, if your sitting room has round or oval mirrors (with or without brass frames), round area rugs work ingeniously to complete the entire appearance.

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