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freedom manchaha collection

A collection that liberates a section of society set up for failure, celebrating their creations as inmate-weavers. Every rug showcases the potential of imagination to motivate and add to prestige and prosperity, creating a society where equality, justice and peace prevail. Read More


freedom manchaha

Empowerment to a discriminated rural India, empowerment to prisoners, sustaining the dying art of hand-knotting through passion, sustainable development all woven together into one-of-a-kind rug designs that can connect hearts world over.

While learning to weave, inmates are encouraged to showcase their unexpressed creativity. Exploring colour through wool and bamboo silk, they learn to make knots and build their own color rhythms into carpets.
Creatively expressing themselves while learning a new skill, inmates rejoice to find a new meaning of life and freedom in their trapped physical spaces.


Jaipur rugs

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