The People Behind the Rugs

Michele De Lucchi

The respected architect Michele de Lucchi rethinks traditional carpet construction, creating a series of contemporary kilims. Breaking the carpet into a patchwork, he stitches them back together in geometric compositions. Inspired by double skins and his signature architectural facades, these experimental tapestries lend themselves for use as wall coverings or room dividers, as well as flooring innovations that showcase the Jaipur Rugs ambition to redefine the role of carpets in interior spaces.

Keith Pillow

Keith Pillow, the founder and creative director of DAAA Haus, is a visionary leader who has carved a unique path in the world of design. Born into a family of creatives and artisans, Pillow's upbringing instilled in him a deep appreciation for aesthetics and craftsmanship from a tender age. Despite initially pursuing a career in the conventional marketing and graphic communication industry, the innate passion for interiors and architecture soon led Pillow to chart a new course.
Zig Zag Collection


For the first time, the most precious fashionable fancy yarns from Vimar 1991, the prestigious yarn manufacturer wholly owned by Chanel, are utilized to design a carpet collection with a unique and refined look. The sartorial touch and charm of Vimar 1991 yarns, worked by the expert hands of Jaipur Rugs artisans, express a new idea of luxury and exclusivity. The result is a new experience in the world of carpets which become iconic elements of elegance and refinement, evoking the sophisticated atmosphere of couture fabrics.
Couture Collection

Kunaal Kyhaan Seolekar

Architect, designer, artist – Kyhaan defies labels. From Bollywood stages to Milan catwalks, his journey weaves a tapestry of creativity. KOY, his contemporary furniture brand, celebrates India's craftsmanship with global flair. Now, collaborating with Jaipur Rugs, he reimagines the rug – where heritage meets bold vision. Experience his untamed brilliance in Jaanwar.

Kazumi Yoshida

The Creative Director of Clarence House NY, is textile art luminary. His works grace global collections, defying artistic norms and pushing textile design to new frontiers.
Rêverie Japonaise

Albin Raju Vendrappillil

A Tribute to the Land of Konyaks” is an inspiring exhibition that illuminates the extraordinary journey of the Konyaks, celebrating their unwavering spirit and resilience in the face of life’s trials. Through captivating displays and poignant narratives, we pay homage to their rich traditions, preserving their legacy for generations to come, and embracing the indomitable spirit of the Konyak people.

Jocelyn Burton

Enter an enchanting world of luxury and sustainability with the Woven Gems collection - a fusion of global artistry crafted from the finest silk. Designed by award-winning artist Jocelyn Burton, in collaboration with Jaipur Rugs, each masterpiece showcases cultural richness with opulent hues and intricate patterns.

Pavitra Rajaram

Introducing 'Majnun' - a collection of rugs inspired by ancient design traditions from the Indian Subcontinent. The collection features designs that take inspiration from Persia, China, and India, reimagined in a modern style for a global audience.

Ashiesh Shah

A designer who stays true to the Japanese philosophy of Wabi Sabi and an eclectic collector whose taste spans centuries and continents, Ashiesh Shah’s design perspectives find semblance between art and architecture through his work.

Vinita Chaitanya

Designer and style savant Vinita Chaitanya has been designing the most exquisite and exclusive spaces for more than 30 years. Her distinct signature finesse celebrates glamour and luxury while staying true to India’s design heritage and craft traditions.
Inde Rose


Kavi is a globally acclaimed designer, also known for her design interventions with rural artisans. She draws inspiration from the rich heritage of her childhood in rural India and the simplicity in global travel.
Free Verse, Project Error
Aakar, Hidden, UNSTRING

Matteo Cibic

Italian trans-media artist, designer and master in luxury fun, based in Italy, known for his objects with hybrid functions and anthropomorphic and joyful shapes.

Gauri Khan

Gauri Khan is an Indian film producer and designer who has designed spaces for several high-profile individuals, using her understanding of diversity in concepts derived from her travels around the world.

Tania & Sandeep Khosla

Graphic designer Tania Khosla and Architect Sandeep Khosla work together running a prominent brand communication & design firm and an architecture firm known for handling well-known clients in their own fields.

Shantanu Garg

Shantanu Garg’s vision is defined by innovation and individualism. His excellence in the field of architecture and honed expertise is evident in each of his marvelous creations.

Lorenzo Vitturi

Lorenzo Vitturi is an Italian photographer and sculptor, who uses photography as a space of transformation, merging disciplines together to represent increasingly complex urban realities.

Abin Chaudhuri

Abin Chaudhuri founded Abin Design Studio, which is exploring the ‘unknown’ journey, experimentation with materials and technology, and the engaging art and culture, aiming to provide a ‘soul in the shell’.

Hiren Patel

Hiren Patel, of Hiren Patel Architects (HPA) has been an architect par excellence for over three decades, renowned for creating dynamic spaces that embody a harmonious balance between nature and all that is man-made.

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