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Renovate Your Home with our Beautiful Designer Area Rugs

Your next renovation should contain area rugs from our online Jaipur Rugs store. Our online market consists of the best area rugs that are used by hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide. Since our family business has begun operations, the area rugs on sale are nothing short of quality, beauty, and elegance.

Explore various styles of luxurious area carpets available at Jaipur Rugs


Most modern rugs serve best as area rugs which act as centerpieces in living rooms, dining rooms, and even bedrooms. These rugs often present with abstract components that leave observers twisting their heads in awe about what the rug means, signifies, and looks like. Generally, the wild and voracious designs are accompanied by neutral tones such as grey, black, white, and blue.


The traditional area carpets are dyed, crafted, and inspired by centuries-old folktales and cultures that walked the ancient lands of the Middle East and Asia. These area rugs contain symbolic representation, warm colors, and an inviting persona that usually fits in higher-end houses.


Transitional area rugs are a cohesion of warm colors, vibrant colors, abstract art, and symbols that commonly accompany traditional and modern carpets alike. The goal of transitional area rugs is to effectively blend these two styles together to give people an alternative rug to choose from.

Different types of  Area Rugs and Weaving Techniques

Hand Knotted

Knotted area rugs are compiled by artisans when they inevitably tie knots between multiple pieces of thread. By tying knots, hand-knotted rugs are able to keep together and withstand strong mechanical forces.

Hand Tufted

Tufted area rugs are built from a stencil that ties together with the main fabric. The stencil acts as a pre-woven structure so that artisans have a sense of how the rug will look as well as be shaped and sized.

Hand Loom

Loom area rugs are generously compiled over a 2-month time span with an old school mechanical device. This device is referred to as a loom and contains multiple moving parts such as arms and legs that interweave fabric together to create a cloth.

Flat Weaves

Flatweave area rugs are thin pieces of fabric that have flexibility and versatility. Their thickness is very thin which allows it to air out and be moved anywhere.


Patchwork area rugs contain works of patches that are compiled from different types of rugs. Our craftsmen cut out different portions of rugs and pin them together to create one giant rug with many different personalities.


Shag rugs are deeply unique pieces of carpet due to their frazzled look which can be seen as sporadic pieces of fiber that elongate from the base of area rugs.

Explore different shapes of Area rugs


Rectangular area rugs can be thought of as elongated squares. These area rugs contain a pair of equal widths and a pair of equal lengths that differ from each other.


Odd-shaped or irregular area rugs are ideal for individuals looking to add wild personality to their rooms thanks to their absurd edge cases. The irregular appeal can also be symbolic of abstract art which can pair nicely with contemporary-style housing.


Round area rugs represent a circular geometry that is the best fit underneath tables, chairs, and vases alike.


Runner rugs typically appear narrower than rectangular rugs. This is because runner rugs are built for hallway use so that they fit nicely.


The oval is a circle with its sides smashed in that can work well in the bathroom, hallway, kitchen, or even living room.


Square area rugs are built with equality in mind. These rugs are composed of equal widths and lengths so that they represent the shape of a square effectively.



What is a good size area rug for the living room?

Living room rugs are generally a good size if they are measured 8x10 feet because average living rooms are just slightly bigger at 12x16 feet. This size area rug gives enough edge space to effectively act as a focal point for the room without being too oversized or undersized.

Does an area rug make a room look bigger or smaller?

If the size of an area rug is chosen both correctly and appropriately, then it should make a room look bigger. Area rugs are intended to be focal pieces for bigger rooms, therefore they should be bigger in size. Typically speaking, smaller area rugs are perfect pieces to store underneath smaller items. So, if you are interested in building a room with an area rug centerpiece, be sure to measure your room’s dimensions and select a bigger rug that matches appropriately.

What is the most common feature of Area Rugs?

The most common feature of area rugs is that they are crafted for durability. The minute we identify, purchase, and ship our quality ingredients to our artisans, there is no doubt that our craftsmen use tender care when building out each rug. The stock of Jaipur Rugs items are especially able to remain with their integrity intact because they are made by established artisans with decades of experience. Handcrafted rugs are the best option for Jaipur Rugs purchasers because machines can commonly damage the pile, threads, base, and overally integrity of the rug as they traverse different manufacturing and heat levels.

How can you tell if an area rug is of good quality?

Area rugs that are of good quality generally have minimal pile, strong fibers, and can withstand heavy foot traffic. Perhaps you should take a peek at our Jaipur Rugs information box with each of the rugs we offer, this will help you learn more about the materials, source ingredients, artisans, and other things that are incorporated into our products.

What type of area rug is best for hardwood floors?

Surprisingly, washable area rugs are generally best for hardwood floors. This is because hardwood floors are highly susceptible to dust, dirt, and soil accumulation which can really dirty up area rugs in no time. Having a rug that is washable gives the owner the ability to effectively clean their rug so it looks pretty and can last a long time.

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