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hand loom rugs

This method is easiest for monotone rugs and gives it a printed finish. Handloom rugs are crafted in 2 months and can last for 10-12 years. They are highly versatile when it comes to piles and textures.


Offer Stripe
Offer Stripe

Bring Home Hand Loom Rugs to Add Colour and Character

Hand loomed area rugs are traditionally woven on a vertical loom using a mounted wrap, and by pressing strands of fiber together using thin threads. Hand loom rugs are wildly popular in India and in Jaipur Rugs India, you will find eye-catching designs in vivid colors. The appearance and the touch of hand loomed wool rugs are truly unique and hence, we ensure that only the best quality wool is used in making the rugs. Woolen hand loom rugs last longer and can endure rough usage, meaning that they are great for homes with children and pets. At Jaipur Rugs, our artisans lend their own craftsmanship to bring to life each hand loomed rug with precision and care. Each of the rugs is then subjected to multiple quality checks before only the flawless ones are shipped to you. 

Choose from a Wide Variety of Hand Loomed Area Rugs

The beauty and the unique appearance of Indian hand loom rugs belies their construction. Our hand loom rugs can be found in abstract, geometric, stripes, trellis, checks, florals, and solid styles. A floral hand loom rug is great for the bedroom while large geometric hand loomed wool rugs are perfect for a living room, or even your office space. You can also opt for modern, transitional, and classic styles as all of them lend a distinct aesthetic to a space. The array of colours is one that stretches from the mildest ivory to the brightest pinks and greens. You can choose to protect your rug with a rug pad to ensure longevity. 

Why choose Jaipur Rugs to Buy Hand Loom Rug 

Jaipur Rugs specializes in age-old weaving techniques like hand knotting and the hand loom. Our artisans help us realize the dream of bringing you these time-tested, faultless techniques, no matter where you are in the world. We offer some of the best prices of hand loom rugs online. To make the process of shopping hand loom rugs online even easier, we provide free and fast delivery across the world, no-cost EMI, and COD payment options. 

Rugs Price
hwv-2000 beige and brown hand loom Rugs ₹79,400
hwb-1001 beige and brown hand loom Rugs ₹23,900
hpv-201 pink and purple hand loom Rugs ₹79,800
phpv-70 gold hand loom Rugs ₹18,100
phwv-92 grey and black hand loom Rugs ₹29,400
hwv-2000 blue hand loom Rugs ₹58,800
phpl-04 pink and purple hand loom Rugs ₹39,900
phpv-20 blue hand loom Rugs ₹7,700
hpv-202 red and orange hand loom Rugs ₹39,900
phpv-70 blue hand loom Rugs ₹18,100
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