ivory rugs

Pure and peaceful, white is timeless. It is elegant and can be used as a foundation for other colors, or to calm the space. It is a comforting color that can be either vivacious or soothing.

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ivory rugs

Buy ivory rugs online at Jaipur Rugs India

The inexplicable elegance of the ivory carpet cannot be forgotten. It boasts a slick, sleek, and shiny appearance that is bound to be a perfect main color or accent color to stylize your palace. An ivory-textured rug is something that every home should incorporate into its design mechanics. Through Jaipur Rugs India, you can buy many different types of ivory carpets online. We have curated an extensive, yet eclectic selection of ivory jute rugs, ivory shag rugs, round ivory rugs, and other ivory rugs to select from. There is no doubt that your ivory rug purchase will blow your mind and truly transform your area.

Different types of ivory rugs  and Weaving Techniques

Hand Knotted

With our professional craftsmen holding your ivory rugs in hand, you are guaranteed to receive a hand-knotted ivory rug created with a hook and needle only. Through these two pieces, our delicate artisans are able to tighten knots together, elongate them knot after knot, and trim them. By doing so, the ivory cotton rugs become smooth, durable, and trustworthy.

Hand Tufted

Hand-tufted rugs are quite advanced when it comes to carpets. Ivory rugs that are crafted using this style are one of a kind because they extrapolate a fancy appearance through symmetrical threading and a significant pile that traverses the superior portion.

Hand Loom

The old loom device you may have heard of in history class before is how our Jaipur Rugs artisans make hand loom rugs. The loom is a complex mechanical device that enables artisans to move various pieces back and forth to thread, elongate, and weave pieces of fabric together. Through repetition and patience for months, the end product results in a finely crafted and delicate ivory rug for your room.

Flat Weaves

With the help of a loom, flat weave rugs are created with a similar protocol, but not quite. Flat weave rugs are merely composed of a thin layer rather than multiple layers stacked on top of each other. This gives rise to its slim appearance, minimal pile, and decreased risk of threads becoming loose.


The intricate, ancient, and quaint appearance of quilts inspired the patchwork rug design. By cutting different shapes out of an array of unique carpets, craftsmen are able to put these isolated pieces together to create ivory rugs with a distinct personalities.



Are ivory carpets fashionable?

Ivory rugs are indeed quite fashionable in today's age. Both younger and older generation homeowners are repeat buyers of ivory carpets to place inside their homes.

Where should you place ivory rugs?

If you are curious about where to place ivory rugs just know that they function best as living room rugs and bedroom rugs. Commonly, homeowners use the ivory color and other opposite colors on the color wheel to style these locations. That said, an ivory rug could match perfectly with those concepts.

What is the price range for ivory rugs?

On our Jaipur Rugs site, you will find that our price range for ivory rugs is $50 to $1,46,290, meaning that is aligned with any budget that visits our shop.

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Jaipur rugs

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