Color : red orange/navy blue


Item Code: RUG1148283


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  • 100% wool
  • pae-4156 - red orange / navy blue
  • traditional
  • hand knotted
  • Handmade in Rural India
  • 24 months warranty
  • indoor use only

Design Story
Woven in the esteemed workshops of Heriz in 1970, this 6'6X10 rug tells a story of vibrant energy. A fiery red background serves as the foundation, reminiscent of a celebratory festival. A captivating central medallion unfolds in a mesmerizing dance of orange and navy blue. The intricate details within the medallion, meticulously hand-knotted, hint at ancient tales and tribal heritage. This dynamic interplay of colors creates a sense of vibrancy and power, a hallmark of Heriz design. This captivating piece embodies the region's rich heritage, where tradition and symbolism meet bold color choices to create a timeless treasure for any admirer of textile art.

City Story
Situated in Iran's northwestern region, Heriz is renowned for its exquisite handcrafted rugs, celebrated for generations by collectors worldwide. These rugs boast bold geometric patterns and vibrant hues, reflecting the town's rich cultural heritage. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, Heriz rugs showcase the artisans' mastery of the Turkish knotting technique, utilizing durable wool and occasional silk to ensure longevity. Their enduring appeal lies not only in their aesthetic beauty but also in their remarkable durability, making them highly coveted treasures for rug enthusiasts. Explore our curated collection to discover the timeless allure of Heriz rugs, each woven with a story of tradition, artistry, and enduring quality.

  • DO NOT brush or scrub the rug.
  • Only vacuum clean it periodically. Avoid using vacuum beater brush mode
  • If spills occur, blot immediately. Do not rub the stain.
  • Rotate occasionally to equalize wear.
  • Use protectors under the legs of heavy furniture to avoid flattening and piling.
  • If thread comes out do not pull the yarn, trim with scissor.
  • Periodic professional cleaning recommended

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