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The black rugs from the collection of Jaipur Rugs will make sure to elevate the overall flair of your space. Made from the finest quality materials to make every piece comfortable and durable. From office rugs to bedroom rugs to monochrome rugs, we have 1000+ designs from which you can choose the best one for your space.

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black rugs

Style, Glamour, and Class: Decoding the world of Black Rug

Rugs are simply the best interior decor accessory. They protect our floors from getting damaged by spills and scratches. They help in eliminating or reducing unwanted noises by absorbing the sounds. They make your bedrooms a comfortable and cosy space and provide extra safety, especially for kids. From anchoring our furniture to adding warmth to our living rooms, adding rugs is always the smartest and the most practical solution for revamping your home.

When choosing rugs for your home, you can either opt for pastel and earthy tones that make your space look large and summery; or choose black rugs to add depth and glamour to your space. Black carpets are becoming an increasingly popular rug choice, especially among those living in metropolitan cities. The key benefit of owning a black rug is that it does not require regular maintenance as it is not easily damaged. Read on to know all about black rugs, their types, and weaving techniques.

Black Rugs - Add delight to Your Home with Black Rugs

Imagine placing a black and gold rug in the centre of your living room to add a glamour quotient to your home. It will not only transform the mood and feel of your living room space but also make it warmer. Adding black runners in your hallway or at the entrance can prevent dirt and debris from entering your home. Placing a black outdoor rug or a black and white carpet on your patio or balcony can create an eye-catching look and exquisite mood.

Be it a black shag rug, black runner rug, or black jute rug, dark-coloured carpets always have an edge over lighter shades as they can hide stains, keep your room warm during winters, and are best for homes with kids or pets. If you want to create monochrome interiors, you can place a black and white rug in your living room or bedroom. Adding a black round rug or a large black rug in the centre of your living room or beneath your furniture can add style and class.

So if you want to go bold and introduce dark hues to your home interiors, buy fine quality black rugs from the online store of Jaipur Rugs. You will find affordable, durable, and aesthetically appealing black rugs for the living room of your home that will spice up your decor.

Black Rugs Collection - Explore a Wide Variety of Black Rugs Online at Jaipur Rugs UK

At Jaipur Rugs UK, we offer a fine and rare collection of different types of black rugs.

Modern rugs

Black rugs that have modern-style design elements such as lines, graffiti, and shapes are called modern black rugs. They are mostly used to create a bohemian and hippie look. You can also add black modern rugs to protect your floor from spills, dirt, and dust. Modern black carpets are available in both natural and synthetic fibres.  Modern-style black and white outdoor rugs are perfect for homes with large patios or balconies.

Traditional rugs

Imagine a black traditional rug with eye-catching artwork that has been created by skilled weavers years ago. That is a traditional rug for you. By adding a black and grey rug to your bedroom, you can create a subtle yet bold look and make the space look more balanced.


You must have seen a grey carpet or a round rug with both traditional patterns like motifs and modern designs like floral patterns. These rugs are known as transitional rugs. You can buy carpet runners or blue rugs with transitional designs that can be placed in every kind of home decor.

Different types of black rugs and Weaving Techniques at Jaipur Rugs


This is one of the oldest and the most fascinating rug-weaving techniques in the world. Originally invented in Oriental countries in the 7th century, this technique involves tying every single knot in a rug with bare hands. These rugs are made by skilled artisans on a special loom by tying the vertical threads onto the loom that later becomes the fringe of the rug.

Hand Tufted

In this rug weaving technique, the rug is designed on a sheet of canvas where wool strands are pierced into the canvas by using a special tufting tool. This process takes less time as compared to the hand-knotting technique and has become very popular in Asian countries like India.

Hand Loom

This technique involves creating a rug by interlacing the warp and weft threads on a special handloom. It is an ancient method of textile production.

Flat Weaves

Most durries and flatweave rugs are produced using this technique which involves interlocking weft and warp threads. Flatweave rugs are durable and can withstand bad weather conditions and heavy footfalls.


This rug weaving technique is slightly different from other techniques like hand-knotting and hand-tufting, Here, weavers create rugs by joining patches from different rugs on the backing of a single rug.


This technique is used to make rugs with a thick pile and a shaggy look. Shag rugs are best for spaces with low footfalls such as the bedroom or guest room.

Placement of Black Rugs

Living room

Black rugs can be placed in the centre of your living room to add balance and unity. You can also place the rug under your furniture and let the front two legs sit on the carpet to create a luxurious vibe.


It is a good idea to place a rectangle-shaped black rug next to your bed to add a subtle yet classy look to your bedroom. You can also place a round-shaped black rug in front of your bed to pull your room together.



Are black rugs fashionable?

Yes, black rugs are very fashionable and have been in trend for many decades. They influence the decor of a space, add depth, and most importantly, are a practical choice as they resist or hide stains. You can add a black fluffy rug to your bedroom to add comfort and class. Placing a cream and black rug in a conventional home can transform the interiors and create a modern-contemporary look.

Is a black rug a good idea?

Black is one of the most traditional rug colours. You can place black rugs in the hallway, dining room, and even your kitchen. Many people choose black rugs when looking for living room rugs as they stand out from the rest of the area and make a bold and stylish statement. They are extremely striking and add a touch of warmth and cosiness.

What does a black rug do to a room?

A black rug can serve several purposes in your home. They can set a relaxing and calm vibe and complement mostly all other colours in your home. Black rugs are available in numerous designs, patterns, sizes and shapes. Be it a traditional or contemporary home, black is one of the most adaptable styles available for every type of interior.

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