Wool Rugs

Wool rugs are known for their sheer durability, sustainability, and texture. At Jaipur Rugs, we have 1000+ designs of woolen carpet for living room and wool rugs for sale. From natural rugs to kilim rugs to hallway runners, we have everything you need to enhance the flair of your space.

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wool rugs

Woolen Carpets

There are many possibilities and choices when furnishing or redesigning your home, but it's simple to overlook what is or will be directly under your feet. The ideal rug unifies the entire space and establishes the desired mood. Therefore, it's crucial to give the style, colour, and material careful consideration.

While decoring a space, many world-famous designers consider buying woolen carpet for living room. Wool rugs are truly worth the extra cost compared to less expensive synthetic material rugs because they keep the space cosy, and luxurious and help withstand daily wear and tear.

Why buy wool rugs?

Wool is naturally stain-resistant and easy to clean because of due to the natural coating of lanolin, which keeps stains and dirt from penetrating fibres. The wool fibres collect dirt and debris into the tiny pockets and do not allow dust to sit on the surface of the rug. As a result, it doesn’t need to be cleaned as often as other rug fabrics. Buy indoor rugs UK or outdoor rugs UK to amp up the feel of your space.

Explore varieties of wool rugs by Jaipur Rugs

When it comes to woolen carpets for sale, at Jaipur Rugs' carpet store there are plenty of options available to elevate your space. Our collection of handmade woolen carpets will sure to become the centerpiece of your home. From hand-knotted rugs to hand-tufted rugs to handloom rugs, we have everything to spruce up your floors with handmade artistry.


Persian hand-knotting, as it was known then, brought hand-knotting to India. Its printing method, which is done knot by knot and line by line, paying attention to every minute detail, is what gives it its individuality in art. Depending on the quality and amount of the carpet woven, the process might take anywhere from two months to a year.


An artist starts by tracing the desired design onto a backdrop fabric while it is still on an iron frame. The artist then performs tufting or forcing the desired yarn into the fabric, using a tiny wooden tool.


Handloom rugs are carpets woven by hand on a loom. The wool is usually recycled, and the weaver's cloths themselves. They can be very colorful with patterns that can tell stories or just beautiful colors to brighten up a room. There are many different types of these rugs as well. You could find ones that show repeating patterns, ones made with natural dyes, or ones made in small factories (rather than home-made).

Decorate your home with the latest range of woolen carpets

Wool has been used for generations to give cosiness, warmth, and opulent textures to houses all over the world. The woolen carpets come in a variety of colours like blue rugs, pink rugs, etc. It is still the most economical option over the long haul among all fibres and remains a natural choice for long-lasting beauty, comfort, and durability. At Jaipur Rugs, we have 10,000+ designs and 1,000+ colour combinations from which you can pick the desired one for your space. Before buying, you can also try any rug in your room with our Jaipur Rugs' intelligent 3D tool.

Advantages of Wool Rugs

Below are the 8 reasons why you should buy a wool rug for your room.

1. The wool pile is resilient

2. Wool looks clean, even when it isn’t

3. Wool stays dry

4. Wool holds colour

5. Wool is environmentally friendly

6. Wool is naturally flame-resistant

7. Wool helps keep your room warm

8. Wool is Soft Underfoot


FAQs About Wool Rugs

Is woolen carpet a good choice?

Yes, wool carpets are always a better choice than other materials because they can bring cosiness to a room and are easy to care.

How long will wool carpet last?

If cared for properly, a wool rug can last up to 50 years

How much does a good wool carpet cost?

Starting from £49 to £1,36,190.


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Rugs Price
tlr-6034 ivory hand tufted Rugs £730
dw-225 multi flat weaves Rugs £360
aiwl-3010 gold hand knotted Rugs £3,820
tpl-114 gold hand tufted Rugs £120
trc-166 red and orange hand tufted Rugs £990
aiwl-3011 gold hand knotted Rugs £6,460
dw-121 gold flat weaves Rugs £360
tac-966 red and orange hand tufted Rugs £250
tla-4075(cs-02) red and orange hand tufted Rugs £980
lca-202 grey and black hand knotted Rugs £1,220
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