unshaped rugs


unshaped rugs

What are irregular shaped rugs?

Irregular shaped rugs are a trendy style in the world of rug creation. These odd shaped rugs are a decor statement and add diversity to a bland empty room. Typically, an odd-shaped rugs or irregular shaped rugs are designed from organic shapes commonly found in nature. They also derive inspiration from geometric shapes that are overlapped to create unique figures. Unlike shaped rugs, jute rugs, round rugs, and wool rugs, irregular rugs do not have straight defined borders.

Our handcrafted, uniquely designed rugs with an array of overlapping geometric shapes are the new wave. These wavy patterns and odd shapes are obsessed by many of our customers and repeat buyers. It can add a modern dimension to your room by creating a multidimensional area with zig-zag edges that are not commonly found in traditional or abstract rugs. Also, they are often offered in compact sizes which makes them a perfect addition to your office space, around a chair, or even in the bathroom.

Buy unshaped rugs online at Jaipur Rugs UK

Our fine selection of unshaped rugs is available in our Jaipur Rugs UK store online. In addition to finding shaped rugs UK, you can browse our selection of irregular shaped rugs UK, t- shaped rugs, unusual shaped rugs UK, and other carpets online in the comfort of your own home.

Check out our unconventional irregular shaped rug selection for unique or custom options made by our professional artisans. The odd shaped rug might be what your room needs to reignite your home, take your decorative ability to the next level, and give new life to your room.



Are irregular shaped rugs fashionable?

Irregular shaped rugs are one of the more fashionable options to style your home. In particular, t shaped rugs offer an opportunity for you to add depth and personality to a room. Their unique, undefined edges are a radical opportunity for you to take contemporary decorating to a new level. It makes an irresistible statement that defines your space.

Where to place irregular shaped rugs?

The best part about odd shaped rugs is that they can become a focal point for your room. Often, decorators love to put these pieces in the middle of a room because of their unique personalities. The color palette and the irregular shape can provide an organic and natural feel for a home that you are looking to improve.

How do you clean irregular shaped rugs?

Like any other rug, irregular shaped rugs can be cleaned by yourself or by a professional carpet cleaning service. It is recommended that you maintain your irregular shaped rug by vacuuming or hand cleaning it with warm water. Doing this weekly can help to prevent the accumulation of hair, debris, dust, and other particles that can affect the look of your carpet. In addition, contracting a professional rug cleaning service every 3-5 years is recommended for a deep clean to ensure that the rug fibers remain strong and durable.



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