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Kids Rugs

Children's rugs give them soft padding and protect them during accidental falls. Additionally, you can create a cozy reading area using nursery rugs. Rugs for children's rooms are incredibly plush to the touch. Geometric rugs or abstract rugs can up the visual aesthetics too. Add round rugs to make their favorite place cozier and more tranquil than ever. Choose children's bedroom rugs in cheerful colors and vacuum them periodically to keep them tidy! If you're looking for children's rugs UK, only Jaipur Rugs ought to be on your list of sites to visit. Hurry, Shop nursery carpets now!

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kids rugs

Each room of the house has special modern carpets options curated to complement the space. One such extremely delicate and playful accessory is childrens rugs. Childrens bedroom rugs can induce an exhilarating vibe to the room with the vibrant play of tones and patterns.

Kids Rugs - Unlock the World of Imagination with Childrens Rugs

With each need of the kids specially customized, rugs for childrens room also need to be perfectly blended with the design theme. Childrens rugs can bring unparalleled charm and excitement to the space with their custom shapes and bright tones.

Childrens bedroom rugs are much more than the plain pink nursery rug for girls and blue nursery rug defining a boys’ room. There are a plethora of options in the designs rich in colours and talking patterns. Childrens rugs are the key to unfolding creativity and serving your kids with their desired theme for the decor.

Unfold our Wide Range of Childrens Rugs Online at Jaipur Rugs UK

While amping up the home, your kids' rooms deserve the most attention and thought in order to make them safe and comfortable. Jaipur Rugs offers a wide collection of childrens rugs ranging from round nursery rugs to brightly designed oversized rugs.

Jaipur Rugs let you dive deep into the world of jolliness with their collection of amusing patterns available in childrens rugs. While the Aqua range has plain striped nursery carpet, the Confetti collection in childrens rugs plays with doodled designs. Provenance series allows the room to be filled with a jazzy factor with their options in woollen round childrens rugs. Shop for the best nursery rugs to keep your kids cosy and comfy in their rooms.

Check out the Most Popular Childrens Rugs Material available at Jaipur Rugs

Let’s look into the options offered in childrens rugs material at Jaipur Rugs.


The viscose childrens rugs in Tesoro and Yasmin range bring a soft gradient to the room. From neutral greys to burnt orange rugs, these nursery rugs UK aren’t only eye-pleasers but also bring a coarse texture to the space.


Welcome excitement to the room with silk childrens rugs available at Jaipur Rugs. Explore the Suraj ki Pehli Kiran range that serves nothing less than an artistic element in the room. The Rang Raas collection plays with tones and shapes and lets you have round children rugs in the room.


The cotton collection in childrens rugs lets you inject boldness into the room. Explore the Abrash range for regular yet impactful designs. The Indusbar and Aqua flat weave childrens rugs keep the decor subtly loud with their geometric patterns.


Jute rugs for childrens rooms are one of the safest choices as the sturdiness of the fibres promise longevity. These can be welcomed to the room for a warm feeling and in order to keep the decor towards naturally soothing tones. Looking into the Anatolia and Abrash range by Jaipur Rugs can let you have either simple or patterned childrens rugs as per your design taste.


Wool childrens rugs can prove to be an ideal match for the kid's bedroom decor. Explore the sea of options that range from simply coloured childrens play rug to intensely patterned designs. The Decade collection adds depth to the room with its intricate design while the Riviera range goes with the geometric patterns.

Why choose Jaipur Rugs for buying Childrens Rugs?

Whether your design sensibilities are more inclined towards minimalist designs or get enticed by loud patterns, Jaipur Rugs has a special nursery carpet for childrens rooms. While the Aakar by Kavi collection of childrens rugs catches attention with its illusionistic design, the Yuna range brings liveliness to the room with vibrant hues.

The Geode collection in woollen nursery rugs serves as an element of interest in the space with its visually calming colourful patterns and the Erbe collection is nothing less than a picture painted by a kid itself. The versatile Zuri range can be picked as prayer rugs or added to your kids' comfort zone with their soft textures.

Look into the childrens rugs and make sure that your kids get the room of their dreams without compromising on comfort. You can also consider purchasing vibrant colour carpets like pink carpets, yellow carpets, etc. to add a fun flair into the space.



What rug is best for kids?

Children’s rugs need to be extremely durable in order to bear the abrasions that might come up. This is why opting for thick fibres like jute, polyester, and wool are some of the best options for carpet in children's room.

Where do you put a rug in a kids' bedroom?

While adding rugs for children’s rooms, make sure that it is anchored below the bed with its extent to two-thirds of the bed. Whereas nursery rugs can either serve as an independent element or be placed to the full length of the room.

How much does a good childrens rug cost?

The cost of childrens rugs UK starts at £140, and the prices can go higher up to £9970 depending upon the material and quality of the chosen children’s play rug.

Rugs Price
taq-802 blue hand tufted Rugs £570
tnq-1528 gold hand tufted Rugs £2,000
tra-14725 blue hand tufted Rugs £1,650
tra-14621 beige and brown hand tufted Rugs £1,650
tnq-4814 multi hand tufted Rugs £730
tra-14621 ivory hand tufted Rugs £1,650
tra-14724 blue hand tufted Rugs £600
akwl-1196 ivory hand knotted Rugs £460
lrb-1625 blue hand knotted Rugs £1,200
tac-4551 blue hand tufted Rugs £490
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