Shag Rugs

Shaggy carpets will elevate the overall appearance of your space by giving warm and welcoming vibes. Fluffy rug and flully carpet anchor your furniture and make your room look tied up. Fluffy carpets for living room and shaggy rugs for living room are the best options to make your space more inviting. We have a wide range of silk rugs, wool rugs, and area rugs from which you can choose the best one for your space.

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shaggy rugs

Shag Rug

Shag rugs can take you back to the bygone era, but the good news is that they are still relevant today. Their sleek appearance contributes to the warmth they offer. So, with a shag carpet, you can now add to the comforting and visual aesthetics of your place or make a dramatic statement!

Do you get the uneasy feeling that your sparsely furnished living room is missing something? Fluffy carpets for living room will give your space a feeling of cosiness and warmth. Take your shoes off and snuggle your foot in the soft pile for enhanced comfort. You'll enjoy the look of shag rugs in your house, we promise.

How are shaggy rugs processed?

The weaving of a rug needs skilled craftsmanship and sheer dedication. Whether it be a hand-knotted, hand-tufted or handloom, creating rugs in distinctive designs is a tough job. Shaggy carpets are generally made from wool and cotton to help withstand daily wear and tear.

Unfold an exhaustive range of shag rugs online at Jaipur Rugs UK

You can easily buy shag rugs online for home décor! They are popular due to their distinct texture and fibre pattern, which lets them strike out in any space. After a hard day at work, simply placing your feet on them will take you to a world of warmth and peace. Shaggy rugs for living rooms have a lot of benefits, and you can't dispute their worth and style. If you appreciate glitter, glitz, and glam, you'll love shag carpets. If your interior is gold or gleaming, you'll want something to tie it all together. A shag rug will complement the room's luxury and act as a focal point. The grandeur of your area will be enhanced with a shag rug. You can over-layer shag rugs over grey carpets or green rugs to add a touch of luxury to a room's overall design.

Advantages of shaggy rugs

The illusion of comfort is probably the most enticing feature of shags. They have a smooth, velvety feel that complements hardwood floors perfectly. The soft and satiny texture felt under the foot made these carpets more coveted and needed. A shaggy rug, as you've surely seen, reduces noise. Instead of cracking noises, you will hear nothing because people's feet would slide and fall to the ground. It will act as a sound barrier, making your house more pleasant and silent. Shag carpets are not only attractive but also comfortable and warm. They exude grace and subtlety, making them a perfect pick for homes with few furnishings.

How to choose the right runner rugs for your home?

While selecting ideal runner rugs for your home or office, you have to think about the design, colour and size.

By design

Want to bring eternity and elegance to your space? Modern designer rugs can make a huge impact. Adding a rug that compliments the design of your dining room, kitchen, living room and doorway makes your space connect with your personality. Majorly there are three types of rugs style available - Modern, traditional, and transitional.

By colours

Before you buy rugs, make sure that it blends well with your existing colour decor because they can make or break your space. We at Jaipur Rugs have 1000+ colour options to choose from.

By size

Make sure the size of the rug is not bigger than the size of your space. If the size of the rug is appropriate, then it will surely anchor your floating furniture.


FAQs about shag rugs

How do I make my shag rug fluffy again?

A fluffy carpet or fluffy rug is all you need. If you want to make your shag rug look like new, you have to properly take care of it. You have to vacuum your rug once a week to maintain its new-like finish.

How do you maintain a shag rug?

Not just only shag rugs, vacuum your rug once a week to maintain its new-like finish.

Can you put a shag rug in the living room?

You can place a shag rug with your sofa set or place your rocking chair over the shag rug for a comfortable and cosy zone.

Are shag rugs durable?

Yes, shag rugs are durable and very easy to care for.



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