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Manchaha: Where imaginative imperfections become works of art.

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Manchaha - Weaving untold stories

Manchaha is a one-of-a-kind project merging design and social impact. Weavers in rural India get to create their own rugs which become both a form of self-expression and a source of sustainable livelihood for them and their families. Customers all over the world can acquire a unique, highly exclusive product which comes to embody a new idea of conscious luxury.

Given the opportunity to express themselves, the weavers weave their rugs with a mix of personal stories and elements of their own culture and surroundings. The results are vibrant creations featuring a motley of inspiration from food and colors, animals and flowers, objects and musical instruments, friends and family members, dreams and emotions.

Let the magic of Inspirations mesmerize you.

Manchaha. Unveiled.

Empowering Artisans from Rural India

James Allen explores the beauty and the stories that inspire Manchahas. In this video, he shares the extraordinary and inspiring tale behind ‘Mandir’ which he discovered when he talked to our weaver Sonia, the mastermind behind this unique piece of art.

Manchaha rugs are made of leftover yarn from consumer-facing production lines. This makes the rugs more sustainable and guarantees that the final result will be utterly original. Weavers are sent over fifty color shades of wool and bamboo silk to choose from and given complete freedom in terms of patterns, intricacy, inspiration, and time to completion.

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