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For those living in larger homes or looking to add a rug to the outdoors, it is not uncommon to consider oversized rugs to cover the carpet in these spaces.

Placement of 300 x 420 rugs or 10x14 area rugs

Living Room

There is no better feeling than having large living room rugs 10x14 in your space. As long as you have a big living room with tons of extra space and limited furniture, you should have no problem putting a 300 x 420 cm rug in there. Living room rugs are definitely a popular use case for rugs bought from Jaipur Rugs, but there are also other places like the bedroom and outdoors to consider.


A 300 x 420 rug can make a wonderful pairing with king sized beds. This oversized rug is large enough to easily slip underneath and provide a gorgeous barrier or exterior to the mattress. This gives it layers like you would not believe and makes you look like a true interior decorating professional.


Per standard design principles, a 300 x 420 rug is the best choice for the outdoors. Going with too small of a rug can result in it looking lost in the endless view of nature. Rather, a large area rug such as a 300 x 420 rug is your ideal solution because it is big enough to add substance to your area as well as the leaves, trees, plants, bushes, and sky around it.

How to choose the right 10x14 area rugs for your home?

By Material

Even though you are considering a 10x14 area rug for your abnormally large space, the options at Jaipur Rugs are plentiful. Please have a look at our 10x14 jute rug, 10x14 jute sisal rug, 10x14 shag rug, wool rug 10 x 14, jute rugs and many more.

By Design

In order to successfully have a rug in your home, you must be able to match the motif with the rug correctly. You can browse our stock by design which includes 10x14 oriental rug, oriental rugs, contemporary rugs 10x14, and even transitional.

By Colours

Green, ivory, pink, beige, black, gray, and many other colors are just a few samples of the Jaipur Rugs options you can select from for your 10 x 14 rug.

By Size

Since large area rugs 10x14 are our biggest size, you can also compliment it with any other rug size ranging down to 2x3 feet. Perhaps, if you are looking for an additional rug size, you can layer them on top of each other to develop a contemporary design style.



What is the largest size of an area rug?

The 10x14 area rugs clearance is undeniable because it is the largest size. If improperly placed, it can look like a professional carpet removal business did a poor job. This is why it is important that you keep at least 18 inches from the walls to the 10x14 ft rug edges to ensure it fits right.

Which type of rug works best in high-traffic areas?

Any of our 300 x 420 rugs work best in high-traffic areas aside from the hand tufted ones. Most of our rugs are hand crafted, meaning that a loom or standard weaving utensils are used to intertwine knots and create beautiful looking designs. With them being hand woven, you can ensure your 300 x 420 carpet will last your entire lifetime.

What material is best for a 10x14 rug?

Some recommendations for the best 10x14 ft carpet is viscose, bamboo, wool and cotton, or perhaps polyester if you are browsing 10x14 outdoor rugs.

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