Green Rugs

The green rug is the perfect choice for your home decorating style. Green carpets can confine dust, reduce noise, and help keep the air fresher. These are just a few of the many reasons why natural dark green rugs can make your room more attractive in contemporary homes that rely heavily on functionality. There are many benefits to owning large green rugs, with plenty of other perks to enhance your living space, like durability, softness underfoot, and color vibrancy. Take styling a step further by mixing & matching green rugs with mustard rugs or red rugs. Green rugs UK has a wide range of designs and styles. From children's rugs to office rugs, you can choose to suit your home decorating needs.


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green rugs

Green Carpets

If you’re looking for a rug that will help elevate your interior decor and add depth to your setting, then our green rugs are just what you need. Not only do they work with any color palette, but the various shades of green also create a soothing environment that is pleasant to the eyes. Here at Jaipur Rugs, we have a fabulous selection of green rugs for your living room, bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom to tie together all of the other design elements.

Bring a Little Nature Indoors with Light and Dark Green Rugs

Choosing living room rugs requires more than just locating a low-cost rug that complements your furniture and décor. Shop your new rug wisely since it will become an essential and valuable element of your home décor. Green rugs for living rooms may transform the appearance of a space and instantly give it a cozier feeling because they also have a more natural appearance and feel. Green carpets for indoors are the most prevalent color and occupy more of the spectrum than humans can see.

Unfold Diverse Variety of Dark and Light Green Rugs Online at Jaipur Rugs UK

Green, the hue of the natural world, serenity, and security, is a great color for your home. Your space can be completely changed by adding the right large green rugs, which come in a wide range of options for color tone and design. Since green rugs come in various shades and designs, from light green rugs to dark green carpets, you can choose from 1000+ designs to amp up your space. You'll find exactly what you're looking for at Jaipur Rugs, whether you're seeking a cozy green living room rug or want to add a classic green Persian carpet runner or round rugs to your décor.

Explore different types of green Carpets at Jaipur Rugs

Handmade carpets are sometimes unrivaled in quality and longevity compared to other rugs. Even among handcrafted rugs, however, there might be differences in quality. While both hand-knotted and hand-tufted carpets are handcrafted, experts recognize that they are entirely distinct.


A hand-knotted rug usually consists of wool or cotton threads that are twisted to create tufts which are then bound by one or more strings to the foundation fabric on either side of the tuft. The carpets produced in these regions often have a dense, kilim-like pile on top of a flat woven frame.


There are many types of rugs, but the hand-tufted rug is a rare type indeed. "twisting" tufts make the hand-tufted rug of wool that is woven together to form a pattern, often with colorful and intricate designs. Hand-tufted rugs can be found in owner's homes, hotels, and offices around the world for their beauty and luxury.

Hand Loom

A carpet is woven on a loom, much like a handloom cloth. The loom secures the warp (vertical threads) and allows the weft to be interwoven (horizontal threads). If the carpet must be constructed with several colors, the color of the yarn must be altered in the appropriate places to aid in the creation of the final design.

Flat Weaves

Flatweave rugs, unlike other Uk rugs online, are woven on a loom rather than being knotted. This type of weaving allows flatweave rugs to be exceedingly slim-line and flat, as the name implies. This may be a great benefit depending on your specific demands since a flatweave rug is more adaptable and easier to shift about when necessary. Green rugs UK can be created from various materials, but wool, linen, silk, or cotton are the most frequent fibers.


FAQs about green carpets

What is the starting price range of Green Rugs?

There is no specific cost for green carpets, as they come in different shapes, sizes, and styles. Starting from ₹2000 to around ₹25 lakhs, we at Jaipur Rugs have more than 10000+ designs to choose from.

What are some popular Collections of Green rugs by Jaipur Rugs?

Kasbah, Faris, Inde Rose, Imara, and Someplace In Time are some popular collections

Where can I buy a luxurious Green Rug online?

You can purchase your dream rug from Jaipur Rugs. We have 10,000+ designs and exciting offers.



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Rugs Price
taq-622 green hand tufted Rugs £1,230
taq-113 green hand tufted Rugs £300
trc-166 green hand tufted Rugs £440
tla-4063 green hand tufted Rugs £740
qnq-10 green hand knotted Rugs £10,820
tac-8010 green hand tufted Rugs £490
esk-400 green hand knotted Rugs £550
aiwl-3014 green hand knotted Rugs £3,230
tra-14472 green hand tufted Rugs £980
top-156 green hand tufted Rugs £1,480
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