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Red rugs are considered the perfect accent for your style and space. Depending on how you use red carpets, they can add a bold pop of color or a more subtle touch that mixes well with your decorations. For example, red floral rugs make great wall art too. Designer rugs are also great for adding some promising patterns to an otherwise bland style like modern living areas. Red area rugs are best when used as statement pieces because they are vibrant and bold. You can use red carpet runners in the entranceway to your home. You can also use the red carpet for the living room or red outdoor rugs in your foyer to add an extra dash of color and pattern. These rugs are also best for modern or contemporary spaces as a way to welcome guests.

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red rugs

Red rugs are one of the boldest choices in home decor that exhibit your confidence and impart unmatched energy to the room. While traditional rugs have always boasted this tone, the warmth is being brought to modern designs as well. Let’s explore the plethora of options in red rugs for sale.

Buy Red Rugs Online at Jaipur Rugs UK

Red rugs can amp up the visual appeal of any room with their vibrant tone and enticing patterns. While the mix of red and brown rugs imparts a traditional look to the space, a plain red rug serves as a modern drama.

From red rugs for living room to runners welcoming visitors, there are endless options to pick from. Jaipur Rugs serves you with the top picks in red carpets with their Hacienda, Bedouin, and many more designer collections. Explore the online range and find the most suitable red rugs for sale.

Red Rugs Collection - Explore a Wide Range of Small and Large Red Rugs at Jaipur Rugs

From the smallest size of red runner rug to an expansive carpet offering the space a lovely makeover, Jaipur Rugs has a design solution for each and every space. The collection serves you with a designer flair in its modern, transitional, and red traditional rug.

You can shop for the red carpet for sale based on the size requirements, preferred materials, and budget range. While interiors conjure up a bold essence with this choice, a red outdoor rug serves as the eye-catchy element amidst the decor. Look for the aptest choice in red oriental rug based on your requirements and satisfy your design taste with the premium collection at Jaipur Rugs.

Explore Different Types of Red Rugs and Weaving Techniques

Let’s look into the best varieties of red rugs based on their weaving techniques.

Hand Knotted

The Gulnar, Revolution, and Akida collection in hand-knotted red rugs for living room promises to bring unparalleled quality to the room.

Hand Tufted

Hand-tufted woollen rugs can add the ultimate warmth to the room. Consider picking a red oriental rug from Mythos, Imara, or Decade collection.

Hand Loom

Red rugs from the Basis collection are all that a space needs for aesthetics. You can explore Oxford and Tesoro ranges as well for beauty within simplicity.

Flat Weaves

Bring a little transitional touch with the Indusbar, Anatolia, and Souk range of red rugs composed of flatweaves.


Aurora, Unstring by Kavi, and Far East collection in red traditional rug offer the best patchwork designs that can effortlessly beautify the room.

Why Choose Jaipur Rugs for Buying Red Rugs?

Whether the demand is for a red outdoor rug or interior carpets, the collection at Jaipur Rugs will never disappoint. The brand works with local craftsmen to define a new style in red rugs that’s sure to add comfort and warmth to your home.

With over 10+ categories in red carpet runners and a unique character of each rug, the end result promises an eclectic transformation of the space. Explore the range of red rugs and offer your home the best pick.

FAQs about Red Rugs

What is the starting price range for red rugs?

A simple geometric rug with red accents can be brought at an introductory price of INR 2,000. The prices for red rugs can go up to INR 83,34,900. The higher range of red carpets offers premium quality and a sense of luxury in the design.

What are some popular collections of red rugs available at Jaipur Rugs?

From red kilim rugs to contemporary carpets, Jaipur Rugs offers every design style in its collection. A few of the popular picks in the red rugs are Village by Artemis, Mythos, and Indusbar.

Where can I buy a luxurious red rug online?

If you’re looking for a luxurious red carpet for living room or a rug for the kitchen, Jaipur Rugs is your ultimate stop. The brand lets you pick from designs ranging from vintage to abstract rugs. From red carpet runners to dining space rugs, there’s a design for every corner of the house.

Rugs Price
taq-638 red and orange hand tufted Rugs £610
trc-166 red and orange hand tufted Rugs £990
tac-966 red and orange hand tufted Rugs £250
tla-4075(cs-02) red and orange hand tufted Rugs £980
tpl-55 red and orange hand tufted Rugs £240
lca-2352 red and orange hand knotted Rugs £1,340
tac-966 red and orange hand tufted Rugs £490
pdjt-09 red and orange flat weaves Rugs £240
tac-963 red and orange hand tufted Rugs £490
hwv-2000 red and orange hand loom Rugs £730
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