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Distressed rugs seeps into the foundation of the home adding a touch of history in elegance. Scroll the collection of distressed carpets at Jaipur Rugs UK. Buy small & large distressed rugs with free shipping.

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distressed rugs

What are distressed rugs?

Originating from Turkey, distressed rugs are interesting carpets that are created by using a unique dyeing approach. Through the practice of over-dyeing rugs with single or multiple colors, this process allows our artisans to bring faded, worn, and unloved rugs back to life. These vintage distressed area rugs receive tender love and care from our craftsmen through the over-dyeing process to ensure they can find a new, fashionable home to settle in.

Distressed Rugs - Tie Your Interiors Together with Modern Distressed Rugs

Distressed area rugs can be the best solution for adding personality to your space. The combination of dense natural color in conjunction with old, yet subtle perforations can add a historic personality to the room. In particular, a distressed rug 8x10 can add a natural or evolutional appeal to the room, thus satisfying homes with seamless indoor and outdoor transitions.

Distressed Rugs Collection - Unfold a Wide Range of Distressed Rugs at Jaipur Rugs UK

There are an array of distressed rugs to choose from at Jaipur Rugs. From a color perspective, you can choose between a grey distressed rug, blue distressed rug, green distressed rug, black distressed rug, and much more. Not only can you select a color that is geared towards your preference, but you can also select distressed rugs by shape such as round rugs, or by material which can be a distressed wool rug.


Modern distressed rugs are also considered as contemporary decorating pieces for your stylish home. These rugs consist of neutral and vibrant colors with simple geometric patterns to bring your room to life.


Traditional rugs or distressed oriental rugs are historic rugs that have been used across the world for thousands of years. They are considered the original rug first made by man. These rugs provide a unique sense of elegance and antiquated style for your design needs.


Transitional distressed carpet is the perfect blend for individuals who cannot decide on the perfect rug for their home. It blends the style and colors of modern and traditional abstract rugs together to form the ideal rug for your living room, dining room, bedroom, or other empty space in your home.



Why are distressed rugs so popular?

Distressed rugs are very popular around the world because they are affordable and versatile. These carpets can bring a room back to life by restoring its glory and vigor.

Where to place distressed rugs?

The beauty of distressed rugs is that they can be placed anywhere and used in any fashion. You can use distressed carpet as living room rugs or bedroom rugs, but it is important to note that these can only be used indoors. Wherever you need a rug, a distressed rug can work well for your space.

How to clean distressed rugs?

Cleaning distressed rugs requires very special attention. It is advised not to brush or scrub the rug as you can ruin its durability and tensile strength in the fibers. We advise that you only vacuum clean this rug periodically. However, if you spill something on the rug and cause a stain, we recommend that you blot the stain with a warm, wet towel instead of vacuuming.


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Rugs Price
adwl-13096 beige and brown flat weaves Rugs £360
adwl-13095 beige and brown flat weaves Rugs £300
esk-936 grey and black hand knotted Rugs £550
gs-1018 beige and brown hand knotted Rugs £3,950
adwv-13058 green flat weaves Rugs £670
lca-63 grey and black hand knotted Rugs £1,340
taq-609 ivory hand tufted Rugs £610
pkwl-8017 grey and black hand knotted Rugs £1,950
pkwl-8020 red and orange hand knotted Rugs £1,950
gs-1078 beige and brown hand knotted Rugs £2,670
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