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What are abstract rugs?

Abstract rugs consist of eye-striking patterns that give rise to its obvious modern appeal. Modern abstract rugs and abstract area rugs are accentuated by the use of multiple textures and pile heights that contribute to their soft feel and lightweight design. Abstract rugs are composed of many motifs that can represent a variety of environments such as nature, the ocean, land, the desert, and much more. Adding a thematic abstract rug can really add to the dynamic of your home.

Choose from a wide range of abstract rugs from Jaipur Rugs

Browse our diverse selection of colorful abstract rugs. Select from grey abstract rug, blue abstract carpet, and green abstract rug to pink abstract carpet and gray abstract rug. Not only do we offer colorful rugs, but there are also several different materials to choose from such as shags rugs and wool rugs. Choosing between color, material, and even style can provide you with enough options to choose from.  


Are abstract rugs fashionable?

Large abstract rugs are most definitely fashionable. They currently swarm the floors and patios in millions of households worldwide. They provide a modern, contemporary, and sleek style that bodes well inside houses that have neutral color schemes and simple decor. Different abstract carpets offer sophistication and functionality for any room in your house. It truly can bring a dull, boring room to life through its wild geometric shapes and patterns.

Where should you place abstract carpets?

Abstract rugs can be incredibly versatile. But, ideally, they are best used as circular rugs underneath tables or in the middle of a living room, as a prayer mat, or as hallway rugs that separate rooms. These are examples of how abstract rugs are commonly used in many households today. But, it is important to keep in mind that abstract carpets can be used in a myriad of ways that suit your needs.

What is the price range for Abstract Area Rugs?

Jaipur Rugs offers abstract area rugs for as little as £50 and as high as £2,06,390 for high-end abstract designs. Filter your search by cost today to see what options are in your budget.

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