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Since the turn of the millennia, those who have a penchant for modern design have been making waves in residential accents. And it’s no wonder that square rugs have been ruling this trend & sweeping the industry. Unlike rectangular rugs or curvilinear carpets like oval rugs & round rugs, square area rugs provide more style and flexibility to present your décor. If a plush feel is what you are looking for, browse our diverse collection of carpets online . There are many varieties of square rugs for sale including - square grey rug, small square rug, black square rugs, square shag rug, square rugs 7x7, round table square rug, 9x9 square rug along with jute rugs, bedroom rugs. Available in 1000 plsu color schemes, these rugs blend with almost any décor.

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square rugs

Shop Square rugs online in UK

Like you learned in geometry class, square rugs are what you think they are. Square rugs are inevitably equal-sided carpet square that comes in an array of sizes. At Jaipur Rugs UK, you can find square rugs 7x7, and 9x9 square rugs, and other sizes that are smaller or bigger. For our United Kingdom clients, we offer many rugs for sale, but specifically offer a little over 60 square area rugs to peruse.

Explore various styles of Square rugs & carpets available at Jaipur Rugs UK


Designs are constantly changing as time evolves. In particular, the modern or more progressive style has taken over millions of homes across the globe. Black square rugs and a square grey rug are ideal modern options for this style of home. This is because black and grey are relatively neutral colors that are found in almost all contemporary residences.


Jute rugs are the earliest known traditional rugs made from the jute plant that has traversed many communities. Its origins date back thousands of years throughout the Asian continent. Given that traditional square rugs are also referred to as oriental square rugs, the jute style encapsulates centuries' worth of artistic material that is deeply rooted in history.


A transitional small square rug is one that cannot be forgotten. Though transitional rugs often go unnoticed, they can make for a great companion that is perfect for homes that have neither a contemporary nor traditional design scheme.

Placement of Square Rugs

Living Room

You cannot go wrong with a square shag rug in your living room. The loose-fitting threads on an equal-sided square rug can weave easily into any room layout. Perhaps you may want to condone placing the square rug underneath a table.

Dining Room

The dining room is an exceptional place that often does not receive love from square rugs. Square rugs can be placed in the corner of the rooms under a tall vase or fixture.


Bedroom rugs are usually rectangular and very large. But, there is room for a decently sized square rug if needed. If you are placing a square rug in the bedroom, think about putting it underneath the nightstand to really add a flamboyant effect.


If you have barstools in your kitchen, then square rugs are the perfect solution. Placing a small square rug underneath each barstool and spacing them out evenly is an effective way to stylize your cooking space. If you do not have barstools, then consider placing two square rugs in front of your sink so that it can catch spillage.


The bathroom is a perfect layout for square rugs. A rug in front of the sink, toilet, and even shower are great places to showcase your new shaggy carpet from Jaipur Rugs. Although please beware. Placing carpet in a bathroom is prone to accumulating lots of debris, hair, and other particles. Cleaning square rugs regularly in the bathroom is imperative for long-lasting utility.


Outdoor rugs are usually the last resort for square rugs because it favors oversized rugs more. However, square rugs can play an intricate role in the layout underneath a chair, side table, or in front of a small set of steps that lead from a pathway to your patio.



Are Square Rugs popular?

Square rugs are somewhat popular, but they are more so considered a rare gem. They are a rare gem because when used appropriately. Square rugs when placed appropriately can elevate any space to a luxury room in seconds.

What are some popular features of Square Area Rugs?

The top features of a square area rug are its symmetry, concise nature, and utility. All of these characteristics allow square rugs to subtly add value to a room.


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