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Runner rugs are perfect for any room in the house! Floor runners are so soft and plush and the designs are so intricate you'll feel like you're walking on a cloud. And when it's cold out? You can place the runner mas in hallways and even jute runners outdoors. At Jaipur Rugs, explore our curated collection of natural rugs that include carpets for living rooms, outdoor rugs, bedroom carpets, runners, and a lot more in 10,000-plus designs and 1,000 plus color schemes.

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runner rugs


Runner rugs are a great addition to any home and should be considered an essential part of every household. They come in a variety of sizes, and styles. Runner rugs are also great because they help internationalize your home. Along with being perfect for protecting your flooring, these quirky little runner mats will add style to your furniture while keeping everyone warm on those cold winter days or refreshing on summer nights.

What are runner rugs?

Runners or runner rugs are typically rectangular in shape, long and narrow. Typically, this type of rug is much wider than it is long, giving the impression that it is a strip of carpeting. They are frequently included to give any space a fascinating definition. Shop runner carpets online to give your space a splash of colour and a much more upscale appearance with their hue and shape.

Explore varieties of runners at Jaipur Rugs

When purchasing floor runners, they can be for several areas. The hallway is the most apparent place to put them, but you may also put them in the kitchen or other places with lots of traffic. Outside rug runner is also a popular choice. Discover the various runner varieties offered by Jaipur Rugs.

Entryway Runners:

Most entryway runners are designed to prevent dirt, but they can also add style to the space. While maintaining a consistent theme throughout the entire property, you can employ patterns to cover the dirt. As you enter the house, these entryway runners are meant to soften the flooring and decor of the space as well. You can choose jute rugs as well for the same.

Kitchen Runners:

Kitchen runners could be placed close to the oven or stove where you do the majority of your cooking. Some people opt for durable runners to handle their daily activities. Some people prefer softer fabrics with small piles because they are easier to clean.

Hallway Runners:

Both functional and aesthetic purposes are served by these hallway runners. As you walk from room to room, landings can get quite crowded. They are required to either become a statement on the landing or fit in with the internal decor.

Bedroom Runners:

Long and narrow rugs that are put next to or at the foot of the bed are known as bedside runners or runner rugs in popular culture. The bedside runner rug has strong functional and utility aspects in addition to being a beautiful decorative piece for the bedroom. The most trafficked locations in the bedroom are those next to the bed, where the hardwood floor can quickly get dirty. The bed runner shields the floor and serves as a visual 'road' to the bed or the dresser next to it.

How to choose the right runner rugs for your home?

If you're setting up a new home and want some help sprucing it up, you'll find that runners rugs are an easy and affordable solution. With their timeless design, runner rugs are the perfect way to add style to your space without overwhelming it.

That being said, which runner rug is perfect for your room or where should you begin in your search? Jute runner or wool runner? Traditional runner or modern runner? Classic red rugs or contemporary grey carpets? We've put together our collection featuring runners made in different materials, available in different designs aesthetics, colours, and sizes so you can get started on looking for the perfect runner rug for your spot. Start shopping!

By Material:

The material of runner rugs should be your priority because they are frequently used in high-traffic areas. Wool is a fantastic material for runner rugs because of its strength and resistance to dust. Wool is water- and dust-resistant, so you can quickly clean it by simply vacuuming it, regardless of how muddy or dusty shoes or paws may get on it. The wool runner is an excellent investment for everyone due to all these features. Because of their affordability and durability, jute runners are also a popular option.

By Design:

Your home will look more colourful and inviting with a runner rug. A runner rug is a perfect alternative because you have a variety of possibilities, so you can add something traditional, modern, or transitional. Traditional runners have more detailed designs, modern runners have minimal designs, and transitional runners combine the two - featuring traditional designs in modern colour schemes or vice versa.

By Colours:

A runner rug is a great way to transform the look and feel of a room in minutes. But it’s not simply about finishing or complementing the flooring, it also allows you to change the colour of your space entirely and pick something that will stand out. At Jaipur Rugs, we offer runners in every conceivable colour from neutral and classic ivory to pastel hues of blue, pink, yellow, and grey.

By Size:

There must be some flooring visible around the runner's edges to avoid making the space feel cramped and cluttered. As a general rule of thumb, a runner that is 80 cm wide works well for a corridor that is 1 meter wide. When it comes to the runner's length, make sure it is adequate to prevent it from appearing lost or incomplete.

Best runners rugs for your interior

Any tiny or narrow place in your home, whether it is in the kitchen, hallway, foyer, bedroom, or living room, may be easily accented with colour and texture by using runners.

In high-traffic areas with low clearance doors, such as the kitchen and entryways, lightweight hand-tufted runners with a low pile and a smooth texture are excellent. Bedrooms and living spaces will look lovely and feel cosy with plush hand-knotted runners, which are higher-pile rugs with a furry and fuzzy texture. Think about using our flat-weave runners in outdoor and transitional areas.

Your area can be complemented or contrasted by the style or pattern of your short or long runner rug. Look for a runner rug pattern that will match the style of your room, whether it be boho, modern, or classic. Pick a geometric or abstract runner for modern themed spaces. Choose a Persian rug in distressed tones for a coastal appearance. Choose a pattern with elaborate floral motifs if your style is bohemian or eclectic.


FAQs about runner rugs

What is the best material for runner rugs?

Due to its durability and resistance to dust, wool makes an excellent material for runner rugs. Wool's water and dust resistance also make wool runners easy to clean and maintain.

How do I choose the best runner rug?

Before purchasing a runner, take into account several variables, including the area where it will be used, its material, size, and colour scheme, as well as how well they will complement the design of your room. For example, a hand tufted rug with a high texture but a low pile is great for styling a modern kitchen. In contrast, your bedroom needs a hand knotted rug with a pleasant underfoot texture and a furry or fuzzy appearance.

How big should a runner rug be?

Generally speaking, you want your runner rug to cover the entire length of the area you're trying to cover, leaving four to five feet of exposed floor space on all sides. If you're using a runner as an accent to a piece of furniture, make sure that the furniture extends beyond rugs by at least a few inches to maintain balance.

Are runner rugs washable?

Runner rugs can be washed, but make sure you follow the proper washing instructions. Use cold or lukewarm water, for instance, to prevent shrinking and damage, or avoid using chemical cleaners because they can stain.



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