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Geometric rugs are an elegant and chic addition to any home. With modern design and a striking range of colors, geometric rugs add personality to your style. Whether you want throw hallway rugs, outdoor rugs, or even office rugs, they always create an eye-catching appearance. With 1000+ designs to choose from, at Jaipur Rugs, you will find grey geometric rugs, geometric rugs UK, and geometric patterned carpets to amp up the flair of your space.

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geometric rugs

One easy way to bring a cohesive look to any space is through geometric rugs. A geometric patterned carpet allows the bold shapes and tones to talk while the rest of the design elements can follow the principles of minimalism. Let’s look into the best geometric rugs UK.

Buy the Best Geometric Rugs Online

Whether it’s a classic black and white geometric rug or a splash of colours within the patterns, these are one of the trendiest home decor picks. From a sublime grey geometric rug to extremely flamboyant designs, there are a sea of options to choose from. Ensure to pick the premium quality geometric rugs that will stay timeless and amp up the visual appeal of the room they’re added to. Explore the wide variety of geometric rugs UK offered by Jaipur Rugs that can easily build a design story in the home.

Geometric Rugs Collection - Unwind a Wide Range of Geometric Rugs at Jaipur Rugs UK

With a deep blue geometric rug or vibrant red patterns, there’s no limit when it comes to designs. Geometric rugs can effortlessly set a mood in the space based on the tones and textures you choose. It could be a plain brown carpet adding warmth to the space or multi-toned rugs bringing playfulness to the design.

Explore a wide variety of styles offered by Jaipur Rugs which varies from traditional pink carpets in the Raasta series to modern geometries in the Aakar by Kavi collection. Each of the designs promises a one-of-its-kind style statement. Browse through the collections and find the best geometric rugs for your home.

Types of Geometric Carpets

Let’s look into the options for geometric carpets available at Jaipur Rugs and witness how each choice welcomes a unique character to the room.

Hand Knotted

The hand-knotted range of geometric rugs offered in the Khushbu and Bandarwar series brings a sense of depth to the room with their coarse texture.

Flat Weaves

Flatweaves collection in geometric rugs adds comfort to the room with their flat look. Don’t shy away from adding exhilarating patterns. Explore the Anatolia, Aprezo, and Indusbar range for a soothing grey geometric rug.

Hand Loom         

While the Tesoro range in Hand loom geometric rugs is all about simplicity, the Graze series offer intricately patterned designs to amp up the look of the room.


The classic black and white geometric rug composed with patchwork technique can prove to be an eccentric addition to the room. Explore the Geode collection for the finest designs.



What is a geometric rug?

Geometric patterned carpets are designs that play with several colours, textures, and geometries. The designs play around with different shapes to offer the best-suited custom rugs for a space.

Are geometric rugs in style?

Whether you’re picking cotton rugs or woollen, the patterns impart the ultimate style. Geometric rugs have a versatile look that makes them trendy always. The patterns can either speak a modern or traditional language and have a timeless appeal.

What is the starting price range of geometric rugs?

The price for a basic blue geometric rug is $50. But, based on the material and design, woollen or jute carpets may even cost about $45,140.

Rugs Price
tnq-1506 ivory hand tufted Rugs £1,220
aiwl-3010 gold hand knotted Rugs £3,820
tahn-7078 grey and black hand tufted Rugs £2,440
tac-4538 multi hand tufted Rugs £490
taq-186 grey and black hand tufted Rugs £830
dwrm-119 blue flat weaves Rugs £420
jw06 beige and brown hand tufted Rugs £240
ptwl-317 grey and black hand tufted Rugs £610
tnq-378 grey and black hand tufted Rugs £830
aiwl-3011 gold hand knotted Rugs £6,460
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