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Oval rugs are a type of area rugs and they can be used in any room in the house. Large oval rugs are perfect for a living room, bedroom, kitchen or even bathroom because of the way that their shape invites people to walk in and sit down. The oval shape is also more often than not more visually appealing than other shapes that are either much too round or much too linear. Be it oval living room rugs or oval office rug or oval outdoor rugs or oval floral rugs, our diverse collection of oval area rugs will complement any layout and offer style to spaces without being overbearing about it. You can have medium rugs or even small oval rug to enhance your favorite nook. Add oval brown rugs to your patio or foyer or include blue carpet at your entrance. You can have custom rugs as well at Jaipur Rugs.

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oval rugs

Shop Oval Rugs online in UK

Oval rugs are the hottest shapes on the market right now. On the Jaipur Rugs UK online store, there are thousands of oval rugs for sale. You can shop around and look for the perfect oval carpet that is destined to become a part of your home. The first oval rugs were curated from a rectangular rug that simply had its edges cut off. Needless to say, oval carpets have taken the world by storm and become a popular design piece for many.

Explore a wide variety of oval jute rugs, area rugs, blue carpet, custom rugs, and floral rugs that are tailored to your requirements. Oval area rugs are your go-to solution for adding oval living room rugs, oval outdoor rugs, oval office rugs, or oval office carpets to a newly bought home. Start the fun, exciting journey of buying oval rugs today with our online store that provides you with customer support, fast shipping, and quality carpets to select from.

Explore different styles of Oval rugs & carpets available at Jaipur Rugs UK


Contemporary oval carpets are something else. They are poised with a pair of colors and an abstract image. Arguably, this makes modern oval carpets comparable to modern art that is found in museums. It takes the same concepts and applies them to carpets that can be moved, laid upon, and walked on, rather than hanging on a wall as eye candy.


Oriental oval carpets, or traditional oval carpets, originated from the Eastern hemisphere thousands of years ago. They contain practical, realistic, and symbolic representations of cultural heritages that fueled human growth for centuries. Through pretty colors and symmetry, traditional colors achieve a new dimension of design that offers a high degree of nostalgia.



What are some popular features of Oval Area Rugs?

The most popular feature of an oval area rug is its curvature. The rounded curvature, also known as a border radius, can add an additional masterpiece to a room that needs a little spice. Contrasting jagged edges, rounded borders, and straight sides in one room can create a new element of perspective that has never been done before.

Do oval rugs make a room look bigger?

Oval rugs are intended to primarily act as an accent piece, or rather add an edgy appearance to your room. Commonly, homes are drowned in straight-edged shapes, making it a very standard look for thousands of homes worldwide. Using something as simple as a small oval rug can change that perspective in an instant. Put it underneath a table, in front of a recliner, or another place, and watch your room design transform into necessarily a bigger room, but a better room.

How big should an oval rug be?

Per our research and recommendations, we suggest oval rugs 8x10 as the perfect size for large oval rugs. This size can be switched across an array of rooms in your household. Whether you want an 8x10 oval carpet in your office, living room, outdoors, or bedroom, it can be there for you.



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