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Floral Rugs

It's no secret that the use of patterned rugs has waned in recent years. In days gone by, you had to own a few brightly colored carpet remnants if you wanted to add personality to your decor. But these days, we want our interiors to be drenched in pattern and color. We want them to be stylish and lively! And fortunately for us, patterned rugs are back with a vengeance as Flower rugs. Floral patterns are one of this season's most popular rug trends. Floral patterns have been around forever, but it is only recently that they have become more fashionable. Flower carpets can be found in many color combinations and styles. You can choose a floral pattern in soft pastel hues or stunning jewel tones. Rich floral purple rugs offer a wonderful opportunity to introduce color into your neutral-colored home without making the place feel chaotic, while floral shag rugs with kilim rugs prove to be a great duo for a layered look. Besides floral, don’t forget to check our wide range of geometric rugs too.

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floral rugs

Floral Rugs

Floral rugs can be a perfect option to spruce up your space with a touch of eye-catching colours and on-trend patterns. Floral rugs can drastically change the feel and appeal of your room by creating a vibrant and comfortable space to live in.

To make it more inviting for the visitors, you can add a flower rug to the entryway or living room. And to get a cosier and more vibrant place, try considering a floral rug in your bedroom. The benefit of flower rugs is because of multiple colour hues and designs; they can blend with any existing decor easily.

Floral Rugs - Let Creativity Spring in Your Room with Floral Rugs

This is a proven fact that flower carpets can add vibrancy and style to any space in your house. If you want to go with traditional designs, you should try considering purchasing oriental rugs. If you are looking for a rug for your child's room, then add a whimsical design and choose soft colours like yellow, pink, blue and green floral rugs would be a perfect options.

Choose from the Wide Range of Floral Rugs Online at Jaipur Rugs UK

The colour and style of your rug can set the tone because it anchors the room. Lighter colours enlarge a tiny room while darker, richer hues help define a more intimate setting. Warmth is added by warm colours like purple, red, or black whereas calmness is produced by cold colours, especially in a sunny room.

When it comes to selecting a rug, first you should know which type of rug you want to buy for your space. Majorly there are three types of rugs available in the market - Hand-knotted, hand-tufted, and flat weaves. For high-traffic areas, flat weave and hand-tufted rugs are the best options, whereas for bedroom rugs or living room a hand-knotted carpet will do the best.

Hand Tufted:

A hand-tufted rug is made using modern tools by hand. Majorly wool and cotton are used to make their rugs because they are very sturdy and give a lustrous finish. With a tufting gun, wool or cotton yarns are diligently punched into a stretched canvas to make eye-catching and on-trend designs and patterns. This type of carpet weaving doesn't require as much talent as hand-knotting.

FAQs about floral rug

Why choose us for the floral carpet?

As we are in the rug manufacturing business for the past 40+ years, we have expertise in making hand-knotted Persian-style rugs. With over 10,000+ designs and 1,000+ colours to choose from, you can easily transform any space at your home or office with eye-catching centerpieces that catch everyone's attention. We have over 40,000 rural artisans working remotely in five different states in India.

 Which is the best online website for floral Rugs?

For more than 40 years, Jaipur Rugs has dominated the carpets and rug industry through distinctive designs, and eye-catching patterns, and by giving freedom to 40,000+ artisans to showcase their masterclass through the Manchaha collection.

How can I select my floral rug before I design my room?

First, you have to consider a rug that can withstand your daily lifestyle if you want it to last generations. If so, you should choose a rug made of a sturdy material that is also simple to clean, such as wool, a synthetic blend, or seagrass. Additionally, keep in mind that a rug with a dark design will disguise dirt or stains in places with frequent traffic.

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