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Silk Rugs

Silk is considered the finest material for a rug, famously associated with royalty. It is used for intricate detailing, requiring great skill to weave and is most desirable for its aesthetic and legendary softness.


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Silk Rugs - Add Luxury to Your Home with Silk Carpets

The two things that contribute to what can be called a luxurious rug, are its weaving technique with which it is made, and the materials that are used. In case of silk rugs, the material used, is naturally, silk. With fine and high quality yarns, silk rugs and carpets are mostly woven through the hand knotting technique. The sheen and the look that a silk rug can offer, is unparalleled. Silk rugs are known for their legendary texture and are mostly preferred because of their shine, soft texture and durability factor. Silk rugs are valuable to any home or space they enrich. The good thing about silk rugs is that they dye well which leads to many color variations. If you look at the prices of silk rugs then certainly you might think that they are a little expensive but when you understand what they bring with them, then you will understand that they are an investment. And an investment worth considering. When it comes to rugs, silk rugs are as premium a product as they can get and are considered to be at the very top. Silk rugs will stay as good as new for years and can therefore be passed on from generation to generation. Silk rugs can be dyed into almost any shade as they absorb colors quite well. Silk fibers can be used to add intricate detailing to a silk rug design because of their fineness.

Silk Rugs Collection - Unfold a Variety of Silk Rugs Online at Jaipur Rugs UK

Silk is considered to be one of the finest and most expensive natural fibers that are used to weave rugs and carpets. Adding a silk rug to your decor can help set a theme, or complement it if you already have one for your space. Silk rugs are also light and can be moved around quite easily. We, at Jaipur Rugs UK, have a huge color palette for more than 3000 colors for you to explore from. Silk rugs can have intricate color variations as they can absorb the color really well. You can explore all colors in silk rugs from grey rugs to pink rugs when it comes to the color options that fit your space. You can find all kinds of styles in silk rugs from modern, classic, transitional, solids and more. Further, when it comes to various patterns in silk rugs the list goes on from abstract rugs, geometric rugs, oriental rugs, antique rugs, etc. You can mix and match all kinds of permutations and combinations to find the right silk rugs for your decor. The designs on our silk rugs online collection are extremely intricate and elevate the space making it more inviting for anyone who steps in. At Jaipur Rugs UK, we have a range of designs for each and every space, and if, by chance, you still do not find what you are looking for, you can always go for a custom made-to-order silk rug in the color palette of your choice.

Silk Rugs Shopping - Buy the Best Quality Silk Rugs Online at Jaipur Rugs UK

Jaipur Rugs UK is on a constant mission to bridge the gap between customers and artisans making it a better world for creativity. At Jaipur Rugs UK, you will come across the most detailed patterns when it comes to silk rugs. The soft lustre of silk carpets will leave you awestruck as the entire experience of walking barefoot in your home will now be different. To buy designer area rugs online in UK with Jaipur Rugs UK is not difficult anymore. You can simply browse through our website and pick the best silk rugs online of your choice. If you are not ready for an investment as of now, you can even think of shopping flat weave rugs or jute rugs online in UK. To improve your silk rugs online shopping experience, we provide free shipping in UK, especially in top cities including London, Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol, New York, Nottingham, Cambridge, etc. In addition to that, there are secure payment options like online payments and bank transfers that can add to your convenience. In just a few clicks, you can buy silk rugs online for your home and see it transform. Once you place the order of your silk carpets , you can track it online while we take care of the rest and deliver your silk rugs to your doorstep. When you are all set to get the best silk carpets for your home, just keep in mind that they are not very stain resistant as they can dye really well. Therefore, try to have wine and other edibles away from your silk carpets. Moreover, in case you need any rug related services we are there to help you out. Moreover, at Jaipur Rugs UK, we have a dedicated collection of cheap rugs for sale online which includes top quality rugs and carpets from across various categories.

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