Cotton Rugs

Cotton carpet and cotton dhurrie rugs are the most trusted and commonly used in homes. It is used in flatweaves like dhurries and abstract rugs, traditional rugs, and cotton runners, making a flexible choice of décor that can be used and stored easily. Washable cotton rugs and woven cotton tugs are perfect for indoor and outdoor spaces. We at Jaipur Rugs have a wide range of cotton floor mats and green carpets from which you can pick the best one for your space.

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cotton rugs

Cotton Rugs

Cotton Rugs are affordable and comfortable options that can be found in a wide range of colours, patterns and styles to suit your tastes and decor. The fibres are lightweight, so they're easy to carry around with you if you need to rearrange the furniture in your living room, bedroom, or other areas. They also feature a scratch resistant surface which makes them ideal for children, pets or people with sensitive feet.

You can find cotton carpets in round, rectangular, and other common shapes that are durable enough to wear well over time. Furthermore, these carpets are simple to include in your home's decor or to utilize as a stark contrast to it, so you are not required to stress about it.  You can shop for cotton rugs online from Jaipur Rugs.

Bring Tenderness to Your Interiors with Cotton Rugs

If you're looking to add a touch of sophistication with a hefty dose of tenderness to your space, then you should look into getting a woven cotton rug. Cotton is a natural fibre that lasts for many years and is easy to maintain. It also provides excellent insulation as well as being soft on the feet and durable at the same time.

Cotton area rugs in general can be used to pull furniture together. Cotton dhurrie rugs can add warmth and colour against otherwise bare walls. A good way to use them is by placing one under your sofa so that it creates a larger seating area, or if you have stairs that lead up from one room into another, place a rug on each step for added comfort when walking down during those late-night bathroom visits.  Cotton runners can be included in hallways as well for cushioned and comfy pathways.

Types of cotton rugs

Hand Tufted:

The process behind these magnificent creations is fascinating, to say the least, with ornate floral designs to modern geometric patterns being woven into rich colours by skilled hands. Inspired? Check out our vast selection of washable cotton rugs and put the carpeted dream room of your vision to reality!

Flat Weaves:

Flatweave cotton rugs are a great way to create an upgrade in the visuals of your space with minimal investment. Your home can have an unrivalled brilliance thanks to the texture of flatweave rugs. As much as they look great accenting a room, it looks no less wondrous as a hallway runner. Flatweave rugs are the greatest option for a variety of settings because they are low-piled and hence quite simple to maintain.

Advantages of buying cotton rugs

Cotton rugs are famously durable, and unlike wool or other animal fibres, will never pill or shed. They are also completely eco-friendly as they don't require any repetitive grinding of the yarns which would've been necessary in spinning them. 

A cotton floor mat is ideal for homes featuring hardwood or tile floors. The fibres of the rug won't collect dust or dirt as easily as other types of rugs, and they can reduce the number of allergens in your home.

And when you think about it, cotton rugs make your house a lot more fun: You can find a rug or even a cotton door mat to match the current dramatic mood of your home. You can use them for everything from rounding off an accent wall to adding some extra cosiness beneath the dining table and bed.

Placement of cotton rug for your living room

In the living room decorating scheme, cotton rugs should be placed close to seating areas or areas where they are frequently walked on. This will give a sense of warmth and cosiness and is perfect for those who prefer a more casual atmosphere with no-fuss decoration. The rug needs to be placed in a spot that best suits its purpose, such as near the sofa or in front of the fireplace. There are many different designs and styles available which can give any space its own unique touch. Just be sure to consider your decorating taste and the current decorating trends.

You can use outdoor rugs UK in entryways as well to spruce up the path leading to your sweet haven!

Discover the latest range of cotton rugs at Jaipur Rugs

Experience the convenience of shopping for cotton carpets online from the comfort of your home at Jaipur Rugs. Discover our extensive collection featuring a diverse range of materials, designs, styles, and shapes, perfect for enhancing the floors of your living room or bedroom.

Featuring a wide selection of cotton living room and bedroom rugs, our collection is meticulously designed to seamlessly match various furniture and design choices. These cotton carpets boast trendy and timeless motifs, making them a perfect addition to modern spaces or a beautiful accent for traditional homes.

Browse through our range of handmade cotton rugs available at our carpet stores and online to find something that suits your preferences and price range.

FAQs about cotton rugs

Is cotton a good material for a rug?

For rugs, cotton is a reliable material. Rugs made of cotton are by far the most popular option for living and communal spaces since they are soft underfoot. They are economical, comfy, and simple to clean while not being as soft or long-lasting as wool.

Can you wash a 100% cotton rug?

Yes, you can wash them. Nevertheless, it is advised never to let them soak in water since this could permanently harm the fibres. Avoid steam cleaning or soaking in water as this can cause damage or shrinkage to rugs. Once every two to three years, we advise professional cleaning.

How do you protect a cotton rug?

To keep dirt from seeping into the foundation, regularly vacuum your rugs. The rug should occasionally be vacuumed on both the front and the back. To provide your rug with physical stability and protection from foot traffic, use a high-quality underlay pad. Use mild detergent and water to clean up spills. Chemical cleaning agents should not be used since they may discolour surfaces.

How much does a cotton rug cost?

There are cotton carpets available at Jaipur Rugs for as little as £180 and as much as £3,810.

Rugs Price
pdct-249 ivory flat weaves Rugs £550
pdct-14 green flat weaves Rugs £180
pdct-59 pink and purple flat weaves Rugs £830
pdct-63 blue flat weaves Rugs £370
pdct-63 grey and black flat weaves Rugs £370
pdct-63 beige and brown flat weaves Rugs £370
pdct-63 blue flat weaves Rugs £610
pdct-67 blue flat weaves Rugs £670
pdct-70 red and orange flat weaves Rugs £430
pdct-73 red and orange flat weaves Rugs £300
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