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Ivory rugs are the best choice to add spark to the dark areas. Scroll through the ivory carpets and ivory rugs online collection at Jaipur Rugs UK and buy the perfect ivory rugs online with upto with free shipping.

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Ivory Rugs - Bring Purity to Your Homes with Ivory Carpets

As a customer it can be difficult to understand what type of rug is best indicated for your home and decorating style. For those feeling lost, they may want to consider purchasing ivory carpet at Jaipur Rugs UK for their next rug in their home. An ivory textured rug pairs nicely with a number of different colors found in historical, contemporary, and suburban style homes. The light, almost beige color brings about a purity that one cannot extract from other carpets like grey rugs. Consider purchasing ivory rugs for your home today because Jaipur RUgs offers its customers an extravagant selection of ivory rugs in a number of different styles, materials, and textures. We offer our clients an ivory shag rug, ivory jute rug, ivory wool rug, round ivory rug, and large ivory rug.

Ivory Rugs Shopping - Buy the Best Quality Ivory Rugs Online with Jaipur Rugs UK


Ivory rugs bring about a naturally modernisitic style based on their color alone. It is a plain color that is light, airy, pure, and tame. For those heavily indulged in the decorative style of minimalism, ivory rugs may be best for you trying to elevate your next contemporary home to the next level.


Like many traditional and oriental rugs of Middle Eastern and Asian descent, ivory rugs were one of the first colors incorporated in this carpets since their invention. Some shades of ivory rugs are washed out or dull which means they are a perfect color choice for all kinds of traditional rugs that contain an intricate array of patterns.


Since the color ivory is a perfect coor choice for either modern or oriental rugs, it is inevitably a great choice for transitional rugs because of its adaptability. Ivory rugs can easily fit into suburban style homes that often accompany a transitional rug style because their color palettes are warm and inviting to say the least. Consider a transitional ivory rug today while evaluating your space and deciding what to do with it.



Where should you place ivory rugs?

Ivory rugs can easily act as runner rugs, bedroom rugs, and childrens rugs. The ivory color can easily manipulate a hallway setting as a runner rug, support the warm and cozy vibe of a bedroom, and create a playful aura in a child’s room.

Do ivory rugs stain easily?

Ivory rugs only stain easily if dark liquids spill on them. Since ivory is typically a lighter color in nature, dark liquids that spill on top can cause dark, deep stains that need cleaning attention as soon as possible. Otherwise, ivory rugs in general are just as susceptible to spillage and stain generation as any other rug.

How do you clean ivory rugs?

By applying some basic carpet cleaning principles, one can easily clean their ivory rug. Cleaning an ivory rug can be accomplished by simple scrubbing with warm water and a wash cloth, performing a weekly vacuum routine to remove debris and dirt, and lastly contracting a professional rug cleaning service in your local area every couple of years for a thorough and deep clean that is guaranteed to leave your ivory rug looking new.



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