Bohemian or Boho rugs are an excellent way to add a unique and stylish touch when decorating your home. At the Jaipur Rugs store, you will find boho runner rugs, boho area rugs, and black and white boho rugs to make your home look appealing. From natural rugs to yellow rugs to wool rugs, choose from 1000+ designs and give your home a refreshing flair.


What does boho rug mean?

Quite similar to stripped rugs, bohemian rugs, also known as boho carpets, are known for their fun and compelling presentation. Bohemian or boho translates to the word unconventional. Boho area rugs are unconventional because they are socially different due to their wild design patterns, textures, and color schemes. It is not uncommon to see these rugs in eccentric households that contain an array of historical and uncanny decor.

Buy bohemian rugs online in UK

Luckily for you, our Jaipur Rugs UK site offers a plethora of boho rugs for our customers. Whether you are looking for a black and white boho rug, black boho rug, boho rug 8x10, large boho rug, or round boho rug, there are a few dozen colors and design options to select from.

Explore various styles of boho rugs & carpets available at Jaipur Rugs UK


Since boho rugs are eclectic in nature, they can be thought of as abstract art. This means that they can fit in any modern or contemporary style of housing. But, more specifically a boho rug suits homes that contain lots of personalities.


Boho rugs might not be entirely traditional, but they do contain traditional components. They contain some elements of oriental patternation and color schemes. Though, the color schemes tend to be brighter rather than dull.


Transitional rugs are the best classification for boho rugs. They contain an array of different design principles taken from many different cultures, countries, and famous artists worldwide.

How to choose the right bohemian rugs for your home?

By Material

Like many of our rugs, boho rugs can be composed of multiple materials that depend on your needs. Select boho rugs that are made from wool, jute, viscose, silk, bamboo, and more.

By Design

As you have previously read, the three common design styles for boho rugs are traditional, modern, and transitional. Although, transitional is the most prominent classification for this type of rug.

By Colours

Choose grey rugs, blue rugs, pink rugs, red rugs and many other colors of boho rugs that contain a mashup of different schemes. Boho rugs are known for their vibrant display, so don’t be alarmed if you see wild color combinations.

By Size

With different sizes and shapes, you can select a boho rug from our round rugs or a handful of length and width options. You can filter for a boho rug by your needed size so that you can have a rug that fits nicely in your space.

Where to place boho rug?

Living Room

Living room rugs are an intricate option for the boho style. The living room is generally a communal place so you can truly impress your guests with the gnarly boho combinations you can find in a rug.

Dining Room

Although not popular, a boho rug can be placed underneath the dining room table. These tables are generally dark in nature so pairing it with a vibrant rug can really make contrasting features stand out.


You can use a boho rug in the bedroom or perhaps as a nursery rug. Nurseries generally contain color palettes of bright blue and pink. These two colors are popular options for a boho nursery rug that can lay right in front of the crib.


A boho runner rug for the kitchen is an excellent choice to place between your cabinets and an island. Since the space is generally narrow, skinny runner rugs will add a simple element to your home and spruce up the cooking environment.


A boho bathroom rug is just what you need for a newly renovated bathroom. With pristine tile, sliding glass doors, and dark cabinetry, boho rugs can add tremendous value to your bathroom. You may also want to throw a few plants in the bathroom as well to really add uniqueness with your boho rug.


Making a decision about an outdoor rug is a hefty one. Ensuring that you select the right boho outdoor rug that resists different weather permutations and is not swallowed by its environmental surroundings is difficult. Luckily for you, boho rugs are the premier choice for the outdoors. Their flamboyance and eclectic appeal allow it to combat the powerful scenery in nature.



What shapes are available within Bohemian Area Rugs?

Boho rugs are available as square rugs, rectangular, round, and irregular shapes.

What are boho rugs known for?

Bohemian rugs are known for their socially unconventional take on art and professional carpet making. Through their unique patterns, bright color palettes, and one-of-a-kind personalities, boho rugs are truly a masterpiece.

How do you clean boho rugs?

Prior to purchasing a boho rug, brush up on your carpet cleaning knowledge by visiting the care section on the Jaipur Rugs UK website. Here, you will find excellent tips about how to clean your carpet on a regular basis.


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