There are few things that can transform a space as well as a stripes rug. When it comes to fashioning a space with striped rugs, there are many factors to consider in addition to pattern and texture. There’s the consideration of color and pattern, of course, but also comfort and type. Consideration for your feet should be paramount for those with children or pets. If you need something that will keep your feet warm in wintertime or cool in summertime, then think about natural rugs like striped wool rugs. You can play around with different prints as well, like pairing stripes with animal print rugs or abstract rugs. If you want an area of the room to look larger, use a larger striped kilim rug and not just a smaller one. Look for multi color rugs that are in some way different than the rest of the room. Stripes are popular amongst kids rugs as well. Check out our new arrival rugs if you want to change up the patterning and style of your decor.


Buy Striped Rugs online in UK

Striped rugs use linear geometry with multiple colors to add value to a home. A striped rug uses 2-dimensional design principles to create parallel and perpendicular imagery that can style a home. At our Jaipur Rugs UK site, there are plentiful stripe carpets to choose from. Examples include multi color rugs, abstract rugs, natural rugs, and more.

These striped carpets are popular options for warm climates around the world. In hot, humid climates that are either by the beach or inland, you will likely find a striped outdoor rug that fits in with the vibe of warm weather.

Consider the following striped carpets for your next home addition: grey striped carpet, black and white striped rug, blue striped carpet, striped wool rug, stripe kilim rug, and so much more. Visit the Jaipur Rugs site and filter by your needs accordingly.

Explore Weaving Techniques of striped rugs available at Jaipur Rugs UK

Hand Knotted

Knotted striped carpets are a dated technique that has been used for centuries. It simply consists of craftsmen interweaving threads of carpet together and tying them into thousands of knots.

Hand Tufted

Contrary to handloom carpets, striped carpets that are hand tufted originate from machines. It takes the same principles from artisans using a handloom and automates the process with advanced technology. This enables thousands of carpets to be produced rather quickly as opposed to one every two months.

Hand Loom

As described in the name, handloom carpets are created with the use of a loom. The loom is a historical piece of mechanical machinery that is operated by hand. Artisans use their hands and feet to manipulate the mechanical piece which intertwines threads across a spectrum and elongates them to create a rug.

Flat Weaves

Flat weave striped carpets are very thin rugs that are crafted with minimal thread. With reduced pile and minimally invasive techniques, our professional craftsmen are able to hand weave flat striped carpets efficiently.



Are Striped Rugs popular?

As previously indicated, striped rugs are indeed popular, but more so in warmer climates. One may commonly associate striped rugs at the beach, by the pool, or on someone’s patio. These carpets release an inviting and playful aurora into the air.

Where to place the striped rug?

Striped rugs are commonly used as office rugs, striped stair carpets, or even as black and white striped outdoor rugs. The black and white color scheme easily blends in with all colors on the color wheel, the striped stair carpet creates a perpendicular effect with the bland color of steps, and lastly, office rugs offer a friendly look for those thinking about making their space less informal.

How do I choose a striped rug?

Regardless of choosing a striped rug or another one, you must trust your natural design instincts when choosing a striped rug. Or rather, you could hire an interior decorator to help you select from the many striped carpets offered on our Jaipur Rugs online site.



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Rugs Price
dr-105 blue flat weaves Rugs £470
phpl-04 beige and brown hand loom Rugs £990
dr-125 blue flat weaves Rugs £470
dr-124 blue flat weaves Rugs £240
phpl-04 beige and brown hand loom Rugs £2,670
dr-101 green flat weaves Rugs £860
dph-2301 beige and brown flat weaves Rugs £360
dph-2301 multi flat weaves Rugs £360
dw-112(od) pink and purple flat weaves Rugs £490
dr-119 blue flat weaves Rugs £470
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