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You're right to be drawn in by our wide selection of pink carpets. For the modern house, we have everything from modern pink hand tufted rugs to handknotted multicolor rugs in traditional designs. Whatever your preferences or price range, there are perfect large rugs for you. Shop for pink rugs online right now, from our selection of blush pink rugs to textured pink and grey rugs, from pileless carpets to pink fluffy rugs, from accent pink rugs for the bedroom to anchoring pink rugs for living room.

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pink rugs

A blush pink rug can add a sense of innocence to the space owing to its color and material. Pink rugs can be the ultimate addition to a room that fills the space with a rich personality and soothing essence. Whether you’re looking for pink rugs for your bedroom or hand-tufted living room rugs, Jaipur Rugs offers a design that suits every space. Let’s explore the best pink carpets.

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A pink fluffy rug can very subtly enhance the look of the room. While a mix of pink and red rugs can prove to be one of the dramatic additions. When it comes to pink rugs, the pairing color and its material play an important role in deciding the look of the space.

Explore a plethora of options in pink rugs for living rooms available at Jaipur Rugs to compose warm and welcoming aesthetics in the space. Based on the design you’re opting for in pink rugs, the space can either complement the modern flair with abstract patterns or exude a sense of timelessness with traditional designs.

Pink Rugs Collection - Explore a Wide Variety of Pink Rugs at Jaipur Rugs UK

Let’s explore the range of pink rugs for bedrooms, kitchens, and other zones of the house presented by Jaipur Rugs.

Modern Rugs

Nothing can beat the modern look of a pink and grey rug. The modern collection of pink rugs in Genesis, Chaos Theory by Kavi and Unstring by Kavi brings to the space an admirably simple pattern that’s loud enough to make an impact.

Traditional Rugs

A blush pink rug comprising traditional patterns can bring to your home unparalleled royalty. A blend of pink and mustard rugs adds to the space's traditional tones, while the intricately patterned rugs lend a timelessness to the design. Browse through the Far East, Cyanna, and Vintage collection of pink rugs to find the best vintage decor item for your home.

Transitional Rugs

While the tone of a pink fluffy rug is kept modern, the patterns may be allowed to speak a traditional language. That’s the beauty of transitional pink rugs. Transitional rugs strike a balance between the old and new with special tones and patterns. Explore the Imara, Provenance, and Anatolia collections of pink rugs for the living room.



Is pink carpet fashionable?

Modern rugs in pink tones are definitely in trend. With the interior decor inclined towards making a strong impression, pink rugs are one of the popular and unique picks.

How much does a pink rug cost?

The basic flatweave rugs in pink accents cost about INR 3,000. Whereas prices of these pink rugs can go up to INR 19,00,000 owing to the fine quality and design.

What styles of pink carpets are available at Jaipur Rugs?

From childrens rugs to living room carpets, there’s a sea of options to choose from. Jaipur Rugs lets you pick from a collection of soothing pink and grey rug to a bit more vibrant range in bright pinks. Explore the Genesis, Cyanna, and Lacuna range of the finest pink rugs.



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