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Prayer Rugs


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Go Traditional with Handmade Prayer Rugs and Carpets

Prayer rugs can be your best pick when you want to add a hint of tradition to your home decor. Prayer rugs are not just a piece of decoration used to show off class and luxury. They are a necessity that helps people connect with their inner self. Prayer rugs are usually made up of natural materials like wool, silk and cotton. They are widely used by people from all around the world to offer prayers and to meditate. Prayer rugs come in various designs and patterns. They use floral motifs, geometric patterns and free flowing designs to grace the floors. Though the size of prayer rugs varies from brand to brand and designer to designer, they usually have just enough space for one person to offer prayers comfortably. Prayer rugs are hand woven with meticulous details and intricacies. Therefore, they are placed on the higher end of the pricing range for rugs. So, if classic handmade rugs are your style, we are here to present you with the best prayer rugs.

Explore a Wide Variety of Prayer Rugs and Carpets Online at Jaipur Rugs UK

Made with the finest quality of wool and silk, we offer a range of prayer rugs to cater your love for traditional designs. The soft texture and comforting feel of our prayer rugs tend to keep the peace you are looking for intact. Not just prayer rugs, our brand also boasts of a wide collection of other designer rugs that can be used for various purposes. Be it bedroom rugs to decorate your bedroom with a cozy nestling feeling or dining room rugs to help your dining area stand out, we have it all sorted. Our vast range of prayer rugs are available in all kinds of designs, patterns and color schemes. From modern rugs in neutral shades to monochrome rugs, we have it all. There are times when rather than being peaceful, praying becomes a discomforting process. This is when our quality kicks in. Jaipur Rugs UK possess the finest range of handmade prayer rugs that would make the process of praying not just a comfortable but a relaxing and joyful experience for you. Explore our collection of prayer rugs online to find the best pieces of art curated by the most skilled artisans.

Buy Prayer Rugs and Carpets Online from Jaipur Rugs UK with Free Shipping

Prayer rugs have a niche market which makes them an exclusive product. Therefore, to buy prayer rugs online in the UK from a brand that is known for its quality and authenticity becomes a necessity. Jaipur Rugs UK is one of the pioneers when it comes to rug weaving in India. With more than four decades of experience in the art of weaving the finest handmade designer rugs, Jaipur Rugs UK has crossed multiple milestones as a brand and as an entity. Our prayer rugs are made with exemplary quality of natural fibers, hand woven to precision by the most skilled artisans. As one of the oldest preservers of the art of weaving rugs, Jaipur rugs UK takes pride in the quality of our products and service that we provide to our customers. Our free deliveries make us your most convenient and reliable choice when it comes to buy luxury products like prayer rugs. With a guarantee of delivering the most authentic product, we at Jaipur Rugs UK are committed to present you with an experience of a lifetime.

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