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With prayer being one of the most calming and spiritual parts of the routine, the custom prayer mats ensure that the space is kept pure and clean. Black prayer mats can be used by people of any religion to make the experience even more comfortable. From abstract rugs to oriental rugs to transitional carpets, Jaipur Rugs offers various options in different materials and patterns. You can choose Namaz carpets and prayer rug Islam from 1000+ options.

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prayer rugs

Prayer rugs: A deep dive

Did you know that Muslims use a special carpet when offering prayer or Salat? This special rug has several Islamic symbols and is called a prayer rug. It is carefully crafted by weavers and has words or Islamic landmarks on them.  It is widely used by individuals across nations. Follow this mini guide to know all about prayer rugs, their use, and their meaning.

What are prayer rugs?

In the tapestry of devotion, where faith intertwines with thread, prayer rugs unfurl, their vibrant hues mirroring boundless love for the divine. These sacred carpets, treasured by Muslims, cradle prayers in their intricate patterns. With each knot meticulously woven, they invite seekers to a realm of purity. Across the United Kingdom and beyond, these tapestries grace Muslim homes, transcending borders with their universal call to worship. From gentle pink to enigmatic black, prayer rugs paint a kaleidoscope of colors, while the hand-knotting technique whispers tales of craftsmanship. Discover ethereal Muslim and Christian prayer mats, woven with reverence, at the online emporium of Jaipur Rugs UK, where devotion finds its vivid expression.

Shop the best quality prayer rugs online at Jaipur Rugs UK

It is always a good idea to own durable and aesthetically appealing prayer carpets. If you are looking to buy affordable prayer rugs with fine-quality materials and Islamic symbols, explore the online store of Jaipur Rugs UK. We have a fine collection of prayer rugs in different shapes, sizes, and patterns. These prayer rugs have been created keeping Islamic sentiments and practices in mind.

Why choose Jaipur Rugs for buying prayer rugs?

Jaipur Rugs is the biggest rug maker in the world. We are known for our unique, designer prayer rugs with top-notch quality and numerous patterns such as floral and geometric. We produce prayer rugs with Islamic landmarks such as Ka'aba in Mecca embedded in them. At our online store, you can also choose custom prayer mats with a design and color of your choice and beliefs. Our skilled weavers from different regions spend hours, days, and weeks producing the most beautiful prayer rugs that can last for generations.



What does the prayer rug symbolize?

Prayer rugs have several religious symbols and Islam landmarks. They symbolize love, devotion, and gratitude for god. Prayer rugs are also a reminder that love for the almighty is above everything. Muslims across the world use prayer rugs while offering prayers. They are also used by Christians and Jews in many parts of the world.

What size are prayer rugs?

Prayer rugs are usually available in a standard size of 2.5 ft × 4 ft (0.76 m × 1.22 m) - 4 ft × 6 ft (1.2 m × 1.8 m). When buying a prayer rug, always ensure that there is enough space to kneel, bend down, and place the head. The size of the prayer rug also depends on the size of the individual who will be using it. A healthy and tall person should opt for a larger prayer rug to ensure that there is ample space.

How do you wash a prayer rug?

Different types of rugs such as shag rugs, geometric rugs, traditional rugs, and modern rugs have different cleaning and washing techniques. The best way to wash a prayer rug is why keeping the rug in a water and soap solution for at least half an hour. You can gently swish the rug to clean the stains, dust, and debris. 

How often should you wash your prayer mat?

It is very important to maintain prayer rugs as they should always be clean and tidy. You should always ensure that your prayer rug does not have any dust, dirt, or debris. This is why you should wash your prayer rug at least twice in six months, depending on the material.

Do Christians use prayer rugs?

Yes, apart from Muslims, Christians and Jews also use prayer rugs. They are used commonly in a few traditions of Oriental Orthodox Christianity and Western Orthodox Christianity to ensure that the playing area is clean. You can buy blue, black, or red rugs from the online store of Jaipur Rugs UK.

Rugs Price
cx-2809 multi hand knotted Rugs £920
cx-2817 multi hand knotted Rugs £920
les-1112 red and orange hand knotted Rugs £940
les-293 multi hand knotted Rugs £1,000
pkps-54 multi hand knotted Rugs £3,120
pkps-60 red and orange hand knotted Rugs £3,120
pkps-61 red and orange hand knotted Rugs £3,120
pkps-62 blue hand knotted Rugs £3,120
lsl-301 multi hand knotted Rugs £3,330
pkps-56 grey and black hand knotted Rugs £4,680
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