medium rugs

When purchasing handmade medium rugs, you must be very clear about what you should and should not consider. Because medium sized rugs may make or ruin your home, you must first assess its existing color scheme and decor style. If you want to put a carpet in your bedroom, choose a medium pile rug, and if you want to put a rug in your living room, choose a medium sized rug. At Jaipur Rugs, you can choose from multicolour rugs to designer rugs to modern area rugs; we have everything you desire.

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medium rugs

Find unique Medium Rugs to spruce up your home decor

Placing a rug in your bedroom or living area is the most effortless way of transforming its interiors. Rugs make the space look aesthetically appealing and enhance its mood, vibe, and feel. Apart from being pleasing to the eyes, rugs protect our floors from wear and tear. Placing a medium rug in your kitchen or dining area will prevent your expensive flooring from getting damaged by spills and stains. This is why everyone should add a medium area rug or medium gray rug to their home interiors. From yellow rugs to shag rugs and kilim rugs, medium size carpets can truly transform a home and make it look more inviting and artistic. Read on to know more about medium rugs, their styles, and their placement.

Shop the best quality medium rugs online at Jaipur Rugs UK

Did you know that medium-sized rugs are one of the most popular ones in demand across the UK? Reason—medium pile rugs or carpets can perfectly fit into most spaces. For example, if you are looking for living room or bedroom rugs, it is best to opt for medium carpets as they will most definitely complement the interiors of your room. Placing medium gray carpets in a Scandinavian-style home can lift the mood of the space and add style. If you are looking to buy premium quality medium rugs for your home or office, visit the online store of Jaipur Rugs UK. From medium grey rugs to medium brown carpets, you will find a rug in every colour, style, and pattern.

Explore different styles of medium rugs


Rugs that have been inspired by modern patterns and have designs that include shapes, lines, floral prints, vibrant colours, and other trending design elements are called modern rugs. They go best with modern furniture and are available in synthetic and natural fibres such as wool, jute, cotton, sisal, and silk. You can find the best modern-style rugs at the online store of Jaipur Rugs UK in different designs, shapes, and sizes.


Carpets that have been inspired by traditional patterns and designs are called traditional rugs. They look similar to Oriental and Persian rugs and are created using the century-old hand-knotting technique. They have artistic design elements like medallions, flowers, and motifs. Unlike modern rugs, traditional rugs have subtle and dark shades of colours like red, blue, brown, and green. They are created using wool, silk, and other natural materials.


They are a beautiful combination of modern and traditional-style rugs. For example, a transitional rug will have modern designs like geometric patterns and traditional rug elements such as motifs. Transitional rugs look good in both vintage and contemporary homes. If you want to spice up the look of your living room or bedroom, go for transitional rugs. They are available in both synthetic and natural materials and come in different shapes, sizes, and colours.

Why choose Jaipur Rugs for Buying medium size rugs

Jaipur Rugs is the biggest rug manufacturer in the world. We are known for producing high-quality, designer, and affordable medium rugs that can last for years. From Oriental medium rugs to modern medium rugs, we have an exclusive and wide range of medium rugs in different styles, patterns, colours, shapes, and sizes. If you want to buy rugs that can change the appeal of your home and anchor your furniture, choose from our top collection of exquisite medium rugs to match every decor. We have artisans from across the globe working with us to create unique pieces for every taste and style. You can also create customized rugs by selecting the material, colour, size, and design of your choice.



What is a medium-sized rug?

Rugs that can fit properly in medium-sized spaces such as medium-sized bedrooms, living room playrooms, dining rooms, or kitchens are called medium-sized rugs. Medium-sized rugs measure anywhere between 5'1″ to 8'6.″ If you are looking to buy top-quality, unique, and vibrant medium-sized rugs, visit the online store of Jaipur Rugs UK and choose from our latest collection of stylish and durable medium rugs.

What is the average rug size for a living room?

The average rug size for a living room or dining room is  9' x 12'. However, before buying a medium-sized rug for your living room, always measure the size of your living area to ensure that the rug is neither too big nor too small for your space. You can buy wool, silk, cotton, and nylon living rugs at the online store of Jaipur Rugs to spruce up the mood of your living area and make it look more balanced.

Where to place a medium rug?

A medium rug can be placed in the centre of the living room. You can place a round medium rug in the middle and let your round table sit on the carpet. This will not only enhance your living room decor but also make it look complete. In the bedroom, you can place a medium-sized rug in front of your bedroom to create an artistic look.

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