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Monochrome Rugs


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Upscale the Decor of Your Space with Monochrome Rugs

A rug style that can easily double as both minimalist and maximalist style is monochrome rugs. Monochrome style rugs use patterns and designs made out of multiple shades and tones of a single color and can be used to enhance the decor of space easily. Monochrome rugs are quite versatile and generally have enough shades in their designs to fit a wide variety of spaces. Although monochrome carpets are a somewhat modern design trend, the style has been very well used in traditional designs as well. Monochrome rugs can be styled with any decor. If you are looking to enhance the look and style of your space, be it your home or office, monochrome rugs will surely work for you. Adding monochrome rugs to your space will help tie the room together. Often there is a misconception that monochrome rugs are boring because of the lack of variety in them, but this is far from the truth. Monochrome carpets may have multiple shades of only one color, but the colors used can be quite warm and vibrant. Handmade rugs are a subtle way of expressing yourself through your space, and if a monochrome rug is how you identify yourself, feel free to use one to adorn your space.

Explore a Range of Monochrome Rugs with Jaipur Rugs

The idea of using a single color to highlight a space is not as new as we imagine it to be, but was quite popular in royal Indian palaces where elaborate decor elements would be crafted around a central theme. We, at Jaipur Rugs, draw inspiration from royal heritage, and make sure that our monochrome rugs are imbibed with such royal characteristics. Monochrome carpets can find a hundred uses in your spaces, in addition to enhancing the look and feel of your space. At Jaipur Rugs you are sure to find a plethora of monochrome rugs in a wide range of colors and shapes. Our monochrome rugs are available in a range of sizes, shapes, and material and makes. We have a monochrome carpets made from natural and synthetic fibers. While many of them are woven using knotting techniques, there are also tufted and loomed varieties, all of which are made by hand. Monochrome rugs can be used to set a theme in a space, as well as reinforce an already existing one. At Jaipur Rugs, you are sure to find a rug to suit each and every mood, and space, and any budget as well. Whether you are looking for rugs for specific areas like bedroom rugs or living room rugs, rest assured you will find something that will work for you. Not just living spaces, if you are looking for something as diverse as office rugs or outdoor rugs for your professional or recreation spaces, we assure you that you will not be disappointed.

Why Should you Choose Jaipur Rugs to Buy Monochrome Rugs

As mentioned before, monochrome rugs can be used to add a bit of jazz and panache to any space. If you are out there looking to buy monochrome rugs or any other luxury area rugs online for your space, you need not look further than Jaipur Rugs. We have been makers of the finest authentic handmade pieces for more than 40 years, and we take a lot of pride in the fact that we have grown to become stalwarts in the industry. At Jaipur Rugs, we are ardent believers in values like simplicity and empathy, and that has helped us grow organically into one of the biggest names in the industry. Our reliability and trustworthiness are the reason that we have a growing customer base all around the world. Be it something as widely used as monochrome rugs or something as specific as stair rugs or dining room rugs, you can trust us. Our authentic handcrafted rugs and carpets are made using the best quality materials, and are made by the most skilled artisans with the greatest love, care, and highest attention to detail. Whether it is traditional rugs or modern rugs, you are sure to find the most intricately detailed pieces at Jaipur Rugs. And with value-added services like free and safe shipping to your doorstep anywhere in the UK from London, Manchester, or Birmingham, you can be sure of the best service.

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