size 270x360 cm rugs


size 270x360 cm rugs

Buy a 270 x 360 rug online at Jaipur Rugs UK

At Jaipur Rugs UK, we offer a wide selection of 270 x 360 carpets to choose from. The 9x12 foot rug is one of our larger sized rugs that can serve to add a new element to empty space in your home. These large rugs can effectively serve as carpets in your living room, outdoors, or even the basement.

Start searching for a 270 x 360 cm rug today by using our intuitive filter tool. You can filter for childrens rugs, yellow rugs, kilim rugs, and even abstract rugs if you reside in a modern, contemporary home. A 9x12ft rug is sure to add size, personality, and color to the room. The spectrum of shades and colors that this type of rug is available in gives you a diverse selection to pick from.



Is a 9x12 rug big?

A 270 x 360 rug or 9x12 foot rug is one of the biggest rug sizes we offer at Jaipur Rugs. It is second to the 12x15 feet rug size.

What are the standard sizes of rugs?

Standard rug sizes are as follows: 3x5, 5x8, 8x10, 9x12 ft rug, and 12x15.

Where should you place a  9x12 rug?

Placing 9x12 ft carpet should ideally be placed in your living room, dining room, or perhaps the basement.

Will a 9x12 rug fit under a king bed?

A 9x12 foot rug can most definitely fit under a king bed and perhaps is even encouraged. Putting large sized rugs, like a 270 x 360 rug, under a bed as an accent piece can be an excellent way to spice up a boring room

What is the average size rug for a living room?

The average sized rug for a living room is 9x12 or commonly referred to as a 270 x 360 rug. Usually, this size rug is the largest that should be used for a standard-size living room. Using too small or too big of a rug can have detrimental effects on the perceived look of a room. So, it is best that you choose your rug size appropriately when styling a room.

How do you place a 9x12 rug under a king-size bed?

You may need the help of a few friends to place a 270 x 360 rug underneath a king-size bed. First, it will require you to remove the mattress top and all of the sheets. Second, you must lift up the bed frame and slide the 9x12 rug underneath. From there, you can lift up each side accordingly and adjust the rug as you see fit.

How do you layer a 9x12 rug?

Layering a 9x12 rug is typically accomplished on its own. The sheer size of this rug means that there is likely no need to use other smaller rugs on top of it. Instead, consider using chairs, tables, vases, artwork, and other popular decors to add accent pieces and materials to the room. But, it is important to ensure that your color scheme and style are fluid to promote decorative coherence.

What is the largest size of an area rug?

The largest size area rug offered at Jaipur Rugs is 12x15 with 270x360 rug coming in second.

What sizes do large-area rugs come in?

Large-area rugs come in two common sizes. They either are available as 9x12 or 12x15.

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