7 Reasons Why Grey Rugs are the Best for your Home

  • 26 April 2022
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The color grey signifies a lot of emotions. It resembles conformity, neutrality, balance, uncertainty, modesty, and old age. However, it also additionally signifies calmness, peace, minimalism, warmth, nature and positivity. Considering the versatility of this color, it is quite a popular shade amongst art connoisseurs and home décor enthusiasts alike.

Colors make our world meaningful. They evoke sentiments in us. They allow us to feel, transpire thoughts, converse and simply engage with our surroundings. Just like us, objects and the colors in which they are painted play a key role in conveying messages to the world. In the world of home décor and rugs, color plays as much an important role as the shape, design, texture, and material. Color is the language through which different designs and patterns are brought into life. This is why it really matters what color rugs and carpets you are putting in your homes. Whether you have a traditional home décor, a transitional home décor, mid-century modern home décor, Boho home décor, or a contemporary home décor—the color of your rug plays an important role in drawing attention of the guests, onlookers, and family members. While loud colors can definitely pull a lot of attention due to their vividness—pale hues have their own charm. A popular pale color is the color grey. The color signifies a lot of emotions, while being minimal at the same time. Many art and design lovers across the globe prefer this color for their soothing effect on the eyes, and ability to tone down noisy décor accents. Similarly, grey rugs and grey carpets can bring in that element of richness in your aesthetics if decorated properly.   

Grey color and how it shapes the world around us - The color grey also plays a key role in our minds from the point of psychology. While sometimes grey can be associated with dullness and loss, they look extremely elegant on different products. But the question is ‘Why grey color is more useful than other colors?’ What makes this dull color stand out in our home décor?

Read on to find out the top 7 reasons that make grey rugs and grey carpets so cool. 

1. Grey rugs and grey carpets add earthy elements to our homes  

The color grey is associated with nature and natural beauty due to its warmth tonality. Grey rugs also ooze a lot of neutral tones that balance the décor aesthetics of your home. They help cut down the brazenness of other décor elements. The color grey represents earthy elements and is often regarded as a cool, natural tone. If you’re somebody who believes in adding earthy elements to your aura, you can do so with grey rugs. 

2. Grey rugs and grey carpets go well with every kind of home décor 

Whether you have a modern home or a traditional one, grey carpets are perfect for any décor type. If you have an industrial home decor, grey tones are perfect for this type of décor style. However, grey shades are also popular among those owning modern styled homes. Grey rugs also go with any part of your home. Whether it is your bedroom, living room, verandah, porch, balcony, grey rugs will add beauty to any space. If you wish to spice up your interiors and exteriors, grey rugs can be amazing. Add traditional grey rugs for interior décor and watch them take the décor palette of your home to another level. If you have a mid-century modern décor, you can go for geometric patterned modern grey color rugs. 

3. Grey rugs go well with other shades  

The beauty of the color ‘grey’ lies in the fact that it possesses contrasting qualities. Grey goes with white, black, deep blue and even looks great with red if placed in a proper manner. Grey colored rugs are useful, both in the traditional manner and with modern décor. Grey gives a positive vibe in the right settings and so certainly can be used as a prime requisite for room décor. For decorating a room, grey is a color that fits into almost any existing decor. It helps to quiet loud colors, for example if you have a brightly colored painting, the grey rug will minimize its nerve jangling effect.  

4. Grey rugs and carpets are great brand setters 

The color of a product can amplify the brand image of a company that produces that particular item. The color often represents the brand of the company. Grey is a color that has a soothing and calming effect. The color grey, projects an assertive, intellectual, thoughtful and contemplative, yet calming influence – a statement of knowledge and wisdom. So anything that is calming and yet appears strong to the eyes will naturally attract attention. It will appear to be ‘soothingly’ beautiful. Hence grey rugs are often emphasized by brands as great ingredients for perfect room décor.

5. Grey rugs make things look bigger

Along with its powerful and yet soothing effect, grey has the ability to make things appear big. It is a constant, classic, dependable, timeless, unwavering, and firm color. This is the main reason why many people choose grey as their main color of choice for rugs – it is a reliable and safe color to use in combination with almost any other shade.  

6. Grey rugs can hide your dog hair easily

Do you have pets at home? If you do—grey rugs and grey carpets will take you a long way. Grey rugs help in hiding the hair of dogs due to their color. They are very hard to be seen on a grey patterned rug. Grey rugs are also useful, if you wish to add lighter tones to your home. While going for a completely white rug can be tricky as they get stained easily, grey rugs on the other hand can hide most of the stains and dirt better than white rugs   

7. Grey rugs are easy to wash and maintain

We all wish to have beautiful things that do not call for a lot of cleaning and maintenance. Well, a grey rug will help you achieve this goal. The best part of owning grey rugs is they are extremely easy to maintain. If you have a grey rug with short pile height, it will be very easy for you to remove dirt and maintain it. Grey rugs often come in fabric that is highly durable and withstand a lot of rough use. Despite their nature of being easily washable, it is better to take proper care of your grey rugs. 



It is a proven fact that colors have a significant psychological effect on people. A home is a place where a person spends a major part of one’s life. Grey, as a whole, signifies positivity, so it is definitely useful to use rugs of the same color on floors, ceilings, and even at the entrance. These days there are different websites and online portals that provide custom-made home décor items to suit your personal taste. You can order for yourself where you can get custom grey carpets or rugs. You can order such carpets online with ease. So, with grey rugs—life will always be colorful for sure! 



Is grey carpet a good choice?

Yes, the grey carpet is great. It's the perfect balance between an indoor and outdoor look. Plus, it can be used in many different rooms without being too jarring or dark compared to other marble flooring options. It's a good choice for those who want a neutral gray but aren't sure what direction to go in and for those who want to decorate around a particular color.

How do you style a grey rug?

The easiest way to style a grey rug is to use furniture, rugs, and artwork that are all also in warm or cool shades of grey. An example of this would be pairing a dark blue couch with a lighter, antique-style rug and two paintings in between. Another cool idea for DIY grey rug decor is to choose furniture with warm wood tones like mahogany, and combine it with soft cushions, natural (raw) linen curtains, and dark, painted wooden floorboards.

What furniture goes best with grey carpet?

The good news is that grey, a neutral colour, complements a wide range of other colours and patterns. Regardless of the furniture it is paired with, a grey rug will increase the energy of your space. It doesn't matter whether it is a white couch that will add some luminance on top of the grey carpet without dominating it, a pink settee that will create a spellbinding focal point on top of a simple grey carpet, a green recliner that offers a musky and jewel tonality to complement subdued tones of grey carpet, or yellow furniture that will bring an inspiring contrast.

Does the grey carpet show dirt?

You might be thinking that a lighter shade of carpet like grey is more apt to get dirty faster than darker colors. This isn’t always true though. Grey rugs for bedroom have a way of camouflaging dirt. This means that even if there is some dirt on the carpet, it will blend in with the lighter shade, making it less noticeable.

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