Decorating Hardwood Floors with Rugs

Hardwood floor decorating ideas can vary depending upon the tint of the hardwood floor. If the floor colour is anywhere between light brown or beige then it would add a subtle liveliness to your room. On the other hand, if the wood coloring varies along the darker shades of brown then it adds a bit of calm and elegant vibe to the room. On either of the tones, the choice of rug would make all the difference.LCA-03Black OliveSunflower area rug for hardwood floor

You can, perhaps, visualize the colors in darker shades of browns, greens, or even mustard yellow with light colored wood flooring. This would enhance the aura of the room making it more comfortable. Whereas, if the flooring is deep and dark you can switch to moderate colors like grey or white in neutral tones. This would ease the air around as soon as you enter the room.

Always go for a Subtle Look

The right preference of rug can transform a house into a home. It has the power to make you forget all your worries of a long day and allow you to breathe. Therefore, whenever you think of decorating with area rugs on hardwood floors always picture it as a source of comfort. You can go for a hand knotted rug that secures your feet and provides you warmth when you come back home or else you can go for a hand tufted rug . In order to avoid any skidding or slipping to the hardwood flooring, all you need to do is use a rug pad beneath it.

using rug pad with rugs

Let the Hardwood Maintain its Charm

The place you reserve to sit your rug matters a lot as well because the rug then becomes the locus of the entire area. Rug placement on hardwood floors should be such that it always leaves out some space around it and never covers the hardwood flooring extensively. Hiding the hardwood floors would not do justice to the lustre it brings to your living quarters. Rather, it should compliment the flooring with its unique tone and texture.

Decorating with area rugs on hardwood floors is a kind of unique art in itself. You can place the chairs in your living room with all their legs on the rug making enough space for you to walk around and admire its beauty or even placing two legs on it and the other two off it would do justice.

Complement the Age of the Room with that of the Rug

Your taste plays a huge role in harmonizing the rug with the room. If the hardwood flooring has been there for years now and the surface proves the ravages of time then choosing an antique rug would add more personality to the room. Once you enter that room, it would put you in your different mindset altogether. However, if the hardwood shines like a new penny then you can even think of some rugs with abstract patterns to cajole that. You can pick festive rug patterns if you wish to add more drama elements to your space since the hardwoods are mostly in a single color tone. They are more likely to commemorate vivid patterns.

ESK-632Antique WhiteGolden Apricot Area Rug for Hardwood Floor

Keep the Flooring Free of Blemishes

Hardwood floor decorating ideas work best if you know how to keep your floor free from stains. The area rug should not be too small to fit in your basic furniture leaving most of them out. It might diminish the entire look as continuous dragging and sliding might leave stains on your new hardwood flooring. However, it would be great if you could make sure that even after placing the furniture there are a few inches left out to avoid complete coverage of the hardwood flooring. It is beneficial to buy a sufficient sized rug as it would allow you to meddle with your furniture setting every now and then to give a new character to your room. You can infuse creativity into changing the complete look and feel of the room.

Use Lines to Add Creativity

If you wish to give your space a classy demeanour then striped rugs would be a great choice to go in synchronization with matte hardwood flooring. They would not add drama but instead would be a definition of elegance. Rug placement on hardwood floors can change the entire look and feel. If the hardwood floor has horizontal lines, you can place the striped rug in a vertical position to give more margin.

DR-119Dark DenimDark Denim striped rugs

Keep the Basics in Mind

While purchasing an area rug, the basic rule of understanding goes that it should be in concurrence with the seating furniture which mostly includes a set of centre table, chairs, and often a bean bag. Rug placement on hardwood floors does not necessarily have to be in the centre of the room. You can move the furniture to different parts of the room to experiment and figure out the best place such that the entire set up adds more character to your room.

Your rug should bind everything together, the furniture, paintings, lampshades, lighting, etc. It is important to buy the right tone and texture of rug to set your mood right, the moment you step on it, or even view it from a distance.

ESK-400Classic GrayDenim Blue- hand knotted rugs for Hardwood floor

Decorating with area rugs on hardwood floors plays an interesting role to calm down the heaviness in the room. Moreover, just make sure that whenever you think of hardwood floor decorating ideas, the tone of the rug really matters. It should complement the complete setting depending upon the people who live there. If there are kids, then some lively colors and abstract patterns would bring out an essence to it. Otherwise, exploring more with rugs would never go wrong.