7 Tips to Decorate Your Home with Blue Color Rug

  • 13 August 2021
  • 6 Min Read
  • By Jaipur Rugs
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One of the best ways to add color to your décor is to go for a handmade rug. A handmade hand-knotted rug can last for generations. It is made by skilled artisans using ancestral know-how and by choosing to buy a handmade rug people are actively choosing to support artisans and the craft that has been their livelihood for centuries.

Each handmade rug is a unique work of art. No two handmade rugs can be alike, even if the design is similar. So, you are essentially bringing home a home décor product and an art piece you can walk on. Of all kinds of rugs, the handmade ones, especially the hand-knotted rugs are the most durable. Just like the art form, these rugs can be passed down through generations. Most handmade rugs end up as family heirlooms that several generations cherish.  

Blue is the most versatile colour, and most people love it. It is one of the most common décor themes you will see around you. There are various ways in which you can decorate your room with a blue coloured rug. Here we share seven interesting ways to decorate your home with a blue rug.

1. Pair it with grey and neutrals

Cream and beige have ruled the neutral tone category for years. The colour grey has become the preferred choice among neutral shades. A blue rug in great décor can be a great foundation for all kinds of décor paraphernalia for your blue décor theme. It is a solid central point for your room’s décor to come together and anchors all pieces of furniture, creating clear boundaries.   

2. Blue floral 

Even though floral rugs are a fixture of the spring-summer season, more and more people are using them to add a splash of colour to their décor. Blue floral rugs come in various styles, making them easy to match with different kinds of décor. Their popularity is also due to their evergreen nature. The floral motif is one that never goes out of trend easily. 

Floral rugs have existed for centuries and have stood out as an evergreen trend. You can find them on modern-day carpets and antiques that graced palaces and forts. A bright blue floral rug is the perfect way to add an organic touch to modern and traditional spaces and only with blue floral rugs can you bring home the vibe of the varied gardens of the world. This design pattern instantly adds freshness and cheer to a space.

Peacock Blue/Marigold Hand Tufted Rug

3. Traditional rugs in blue

The charm of the traditional rug pattern never ceases to amaze. Traditional or traditional-inspired rugs are a trendy rug pattern today. They are a perfect bridge between old and new and look good in almost every space. The Persian and Oriental patterns on these rugs go well with a modern or even contemporary décor setting and give the feel of luxury. Traditional rug patterns in blue can be easily paired with most types of furniture. 

Indigo/Blue Hand Tufted Rug

4. Overdyed rugs in blue

It is interesting to note that overdyed rugs are a great alternative to antique rugs. Given their cost, antique rugs might not fit every budget. But an overdyed blue rug is a great alternative to it. Overdyeing is the same as natural wear or corrosion from usage. It is a unique process that gives certain rugs an antique appearance. Overdyed rugs in blue are given a special kind of wash with a solution that eats up all the wool particles and leaves out the warp and the weft with traces of the old design. A washed rug is then overdyed using blue colour, which spreads unevenly across the rug and gives it a worn-out vintage appeal.

The Far East collection and the Lacuna (overdyed rugs) collections at Jaipur Rugs are two of the most loved vintage-inspired rug collections out there. These blue rugs are perfect for almost every room in your home. A blue rug from the Lacuna collection can add charm to the living room space. 

Blue Haze/Liquorice Hand Tufted Rug

5. Abstract rug blue rug

An abstract rug pattern is like an abstract painting. With no clear definition or form in the design pattern, it can lend a really unique edge to the room. A blue-coloured rug can be used to add a cool effect, style, and trendiness to a room’s décor. Bold blue abstract rugs can highlight a dull room and make it the best-looking one in the house. Given the uniqueness of the pattern, it can be a great means of personal expression. With abstract blue rugs, you have the choice to go both bold and subtle. You can find great abstract rugs in all shades of blue that can enliven your floor. 

At Jaipur Rugs there is a wide range of abstract designs by internationally awarded designer Kavi. Her collections, like Chaos Theory and Project Error, have a wide array of abstract designs. They are perfect for your living rooms and bedrooms. Runners from this collection look great in foyers and entryways to make a grand statement.  

Ashwood/Ensign Blue Hand Tufted Rug

       6. Blue stripes

This is another evergreen trendy rug pattern. You can use this pattern in mild and saturated blue tones, making it a great fit for all types of décor themes. Stripe blue rugs are a great help when you want to make a room look big or small. You can choose from various stripe sizes – from thick ones to narrow ones there is a stripe size for every need. For a room with plain furniture, stripes can be a real game-changer.  Jean, Annette, Indusbar, and Tesoro are some of the collections of strip rugs available in all colours and sizes at Jaipur Rugs.

Medieval Blue/White Ice Flat Weaves Rug

7. Blue Manchaha Rugs

The Manchaha collection by Jaipur Rugs is the most unique rug collection in the world. Not only is it one of the most awarded collections, but it is also a one-of-its-kind social innovation in the carpet industry. Each rug in that collection is a single piece and only a handful of them are very replicated. The rugs are made using leftover yarn, which helps reduce wastage and provides a solution for one of the carpet industry’s pet peeves. The rugs in this collection are designed and woven by weavers themselves without any design training. For the first time ever, weavers become the designers of their own rugs and use it as a canvas to bring their imagination to life. The Manchaha collection is a riot of colours and there are incredible blue-coloured one-of-a-kind rugs available to choose from.



What colors go with blue carpet?

Blue is a versatile colour that works well with many other colours, including neutral shades like beige, grey and white and complementary colors like yellow, green, and pink. You can also mix and match blue carpets with other shades of blue to create a soothing and calming atmosphere. It's important to consider your personal style and the atmosphere you want to create when going over different blue rug living room ideas.

What goes well with blue rug?

A blue rug complements neutral colors such as white, beige, gray, and black. It also pairs well with warm colors like yellow, orange, and red and cool colors like green and purple. One of the biggest hits of different blue rug ideas for decor is mixing different textures and patterns can add interest to the room. Consider adding throw pillows, curtains, or upholstered furniture in coordinating colors and patterns to complete the look.

How to decorate a bedroom with a blue carpet?

To decorate a bedroom with a blue carpet, choose complementary colors for the walls, bedding, and accessories. Light blue carpet pairs well with pale yellow or gray walls. Dark blue carpet looks great with white, gray, or navy blue walls. Add texture with a patterned throw blanket or accent pillows. Consider using natural wood furnishings to balance the blue tones. Don't forget to layer lighting for a cozy ambiance while styling blue rugs for the living room.

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