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  • 7 months ago

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Do you live in a rented apartment, a college dorm room, or a small space? In that case, investing in heavy décor pieces may not be ideal for you. But that doesn’t have to mean that your home looks lackluster. Experimenting with your soft furnishing is one of the most hassle-free ways to re-do your space on a budget. Start with a rug or a dhurrie and follow it up with decorative cushion covers that are reflective of your style and personality. Cushions are not just for your comfort, they also serve the purpose of making a bare-boned bed or couch look busy in a good way. From couch cushion covers to bench cushion covers, throwing on the right ones can take your space to the next level. Once you start playing around with decorative cushion covers, you will be able to mix and match and add much bolder designs. Let us show you some elementary ways in which you can incorporate cushion design in your space to make it look bright, voluminous, and full of character!

  1. Colour Co-ordinate: If you are a fan of solid couch cushion covers, then place two in either end of the couch in complementary colours. Cushion covers come in sets of complementary covers already, but if you want to add a touch of your creativity to it, we say mix and match! You can opt for pink and red, purple and green, orange and red, blue and green- the options are endless! However, remember not to crowd the couch with too many cushions as it takes its utility away and in turn, makes it difficult to sit because of lack of space. For a reference, five to seven cushions are ideal for a three-seater sofa set. Even when you are colour coordinating your cushion design, too many might end up making your space look cluttered, especially if it’s small.
  2. Patterned Cushions for The Floor: One of the most space saving ways of creating a hangout spot or a cosy sitting corner is by throwing a rug, dhurrie, or kilim on the floor along with some cushions. This set up comes in handy when you have unexpected guests at your door and you want to turn your space into a hangout spot in no time! It is not only superbly comfortable but also elevates the look of your room to make it look warm and inviting. When choosing a cushion design for the rug, you can opt for patterned cushions like chevron, stripes, ikat, paisley, or geometric based on the style of the rug. 
  3. Embroidered Cushion Covers: The trick of incorporating multiple embroidered bench cushion covers is this:
    • Pick colours that match the colour tone of your existing décor elements in the room so that the cushions can tie in with it all.
    • Choose a spot that is minimal so that the embroidered cushion design can truly come through. A bench or a minimal sofa set is ideal but a queen size bed with solid bedsheets can also work just fine. 

You can opt for ethnic decorate cushion covers if you want to go all out or start out with just embroidered borders and make your way up from there. You can also try cushions of different shapes and sizes to mix and match it up. Adding bench cushion covers will help you breathe life into your wooden garden furniture or wrought iron patio furniture. In that case, you can broaden the horizon of your choices to sequins, appliqué, and quilted patchwork cushion covers.


  1. Digital Prints and Geometric Designs: One of the most versatile cushion designs is that of modern digital prints, abstract and geometric designs as they are easy to incorporate into your room without disturbing its décor scheme. These are perfect for when you want to throw on multiple cushions on the bed without making it look overwhelming to look at. You can also opt for dual-toned couch cushion covers for a modern and edgy look.  It is hard to go wrong with these awesome styles! When opting for dual-toned cushion design, make sure the colours you choose pull together the colours from other elements of the room. For instance, your curtains, rugs, table covers etc, This is a thumb rule to ensure that no matter what style of cushion covers you choose, they blend right in and feel at home in your space. 
  2. Add Some Drama: There is no reason why you should restrict yourself to just colours, prints, and embroideries when it comes to decorative cushion covers or couch cushion covers. Step out of the box and opt for interesting textures like silk, leather, suede, or even rug cushions for your bed, chairs, couch, or the divan. This is a great décor idea either for minimal spaces that need a statement or for boho, maximal houses with lots of interesting elements. Leather or suede will impart an edgy look while silk or rug cushions will add opulence to the space. 
  3. Customise Your Own Cushion Cover: Cushions have the potential to be more than just an accessory. They can be art pieces too if you pick handmade or designer decorative cushion rugs covers. If you are someone who loves kitsch, you can even go ahead and paint or stitch your own couch or bench cushion covers. However, if you aren’t high on that DIY spirit, we suggest opting for cushion covers designed by artists and interior design experts.

There are a hundred different ways in which you can add couch cushion covers and bench cushion covers in your living room or your bedroom. With the above mentioned guideline, it should be easy for you to find the right one. Colour co-ordination, introducing textures, prints, and interesting embroidery can satisfy the whole range when it comes to home décor themes, from minimal to out and out maximal. Bring home decorative cushion covers and you will know how you can change the look and feel of your home in the blink of an eye. 

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