Difference Between Loop and Twist in the Rug Industry

  • 2 months ago


There are many technical terminologies in the rug industry that are used in the design and production unit. Two of them are ‘loop’ and ‘twist’. This results in a variety of carpets in the market, and that can often make it hard to remember specific names and details when buying a rug. So, we are helping you break it down into two of the types that you need to be familiar with: loop carpeting and twist carpeting.

What is a carpet pile?

But first, it is important to know a little about what a carpet pile is. The pile is the surface layer of a carpet that you see and feel. The carpet weaving process involves looping the fibers back and forth through the backing, so the pile is determined by whether these fibers have been clipped or left in their looped form. The pile of your carpet determines its appearance, comfort, durability, and how easy it will be to maintain.

So what are loop pile carpets?

Their name gives much away- these rugs left as loops, not sheared like cut piles are. In loop styles, yarn can be tufted in loops of even or varied heights. In loop piles, level heights create a uniform surface while varied heights create appealing designs. Typically made of nylon, wool, or olefin, loop carpeting results in many different weights and thicknesses when it comes to its construction. Loop carpets are often favored in high foot traffic areas owing to their durability. This makes loop carpets an ideal choice for hallways and stairs. These carpets are also trackless, which is to say that no vacuum or walking tracks will show on them. However, its fibers can get snagged and pulled loose by sharp objects and pets’ claws. No, this won’t make you throw your carpet at the back of the cupboard, but it will definitely give it a worn-out and disheveled look over time. In loop carpeting, sisal and Berber are the two most popular types owing to the wonderful designs and textures as well as their durability, spill resistance, and versatility.


What are twist pile carpets?

Now that you have understood what a loop pile carpet is, understanding twist carpeting will be much easier. In twist carpeting, yarn loops are cut and twisted tightly together. These make for one of the most popular carpets in today’s times as they are casual, fashionable, soft, as well as durable. Twist carpets are perfect for spaces like bedrooms, sitting rooms, media rooms, and living rooms. When choosing this kind of carpet for the living room, you can easily transform how space looks and the vibe it exudes.

These carpets are worth considering when you’re buying luxury carpets as they offer an exceptional color range that includes solid and heathered looks. Just like loop pile carpets, these too hide footprints and vacuum cleaner marks seamlessly.

In general, the higher the twist level, the better the carpet’s performance.


What is the basic difference between loop and twist pile carpets?

You may not be aware but the construction of all tufted carpets begins with a loop pile.

  • In loop styles, loops are left uncut.
  • In twist styles, loops are cut and yarns are tightly twisted.

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