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  • 30 May 2024
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Refresh your living area this summer with this guide on summer rugs. Learn how to use rugs effectively in indoor and outdoor settings from different designs. Read about materials, unique design concepts, and their applications to develop an interesting, cooler living space.

As summer approaches, transforming your home to reflect the warmth and vibrancy of the season becomes an inspired endeavor. Among the various ways to refresh your living space, a summer rug for home decor stands out for its simplicity and impact. Rugs add comfort and style to any room and serve practical functions, from protecting floors to defining spaces. The right summer rug can elevate your home's aesthetic and make it a more welcoming place during the summer.

This guide explores various rug ideas, highlighting how to enhance indoor and outdoor spaces with summer rugs. We'll explore choosing materials apt for summer's demands, offering inspiration for creating a more vibrant and comfortable home.

Rugs to Enhance Indoor Spaces

Living Room Accents

Summer rugs for living room can be a versatile foundation that complements various decorating styles. Adding a textured or patterned area rug over an existing one can cozy up the space. You can achieve a refreshing summer look with the right color tweaks, such as incorporating blues. Summer rugs define seating areas and prevent furniture from feeling disconnected. They are essential for creating a cohesive look and providing sound absorption in lively spaces.

carpet for living room

Bedroom Comfort

Layering rugs in the bedroom is an effective way to add warmth and personality. Starting with a larger rug as the base and adding smaller rugs on top enhances texture and visual interest. This approach allows mixing and matching different colors, patterns, and textures, making the bedroom a cozy and inviting retreat. Suitable rug shapes and colors can complement the furniture layout and overall bedroom color scheme, creating a balanced space perfect for relaxation.

bedroom summer rugs

Dining Room Elegance

A rug should be appropriately placed to end the space and support the dining table and chairs in the dining area. When dragged to the table, the rug should be big enough to fit all the chairs and adequately adjust the overall aesthetic feel of the place. Flor tiles offer a practical solution for dining rooms with their easy-to-clean, modular design. They allow for size and pattern customization, making them an ideal choice for maintaining elegance and functionality.

Adding Seasonal Flair to Outdoor Areas

Patio and Garden Rugs

Adding a stylish and practical rug would be highly recommended to transform your outdoor living area into a summer retreat. Summer outdoor rugs are made from synthetic fibers such as nylon or polypropylene and can handle harsh weather conditions. It is important to note that these rugs do not fade from UV light from the sun, mildew, or stain, making them perfect for patios and gardens. Because of their pastel class and texture, these rugs afford a comforting expression and a welcoming environment for relaxation and social events.

outdoor rugs

For uncovered decks or patios, opt for a polypropylene rug that can be easily cleaned with a hose and is treated to resist UV damage. This ensures durability and lasting beauty.

Balcony Cozy Corners

Creating a Bali-style oasis on your balcony is easier than you think. A balcony rug significantly enhances your small outdoor area's comfort and aesthetic appeal. Balcony rugs are stylish and nearly effortless to incorporate, providing a quick way to upgrade the appearance of concrete slab patios or wooden decks. Softening the surface underfoot instantly grounds seating areas, making your balcony more inviting for lounging and enjoying the outdoors.

balcony carpets

Choosing the Right Materials for Summer Rugs

Lightweight Fabrics

When summer heat intensifies, your home's comfort becomes a priority. Choosing rugs that carry light and airy fabrics is also helpful in preventing the trap of heat inside your house. Organic materials, including cotton, jute, or sisal fabric, are ideal for the production of summer rugs. These materials enable more air flow to and through the house, making it easier to cool the home on hotter days. 

Cotton carpets are popular due to their high softness rating and ability to let air pass through. In contrast, natural or sisal rugs are a great neutral option because they go with almost everything, making them ideal for summer decor.

Durable and Breathable Options

Selecting rugs with a low pile is essential for summer. Low-pile rugs have a shorter, denser weave, which retains less heat than high-pile rugs, making them more suitable for warmer months. These rugs can be found in styles like area rugs and runner rugs, offering both functionality and style. 

For outdoor spaces, PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) rugs, made from recycled plastic bottles, offer durability, quick drying, stain resistance, and ease of cleaning. Their soft and light texture, similar to cotton, makes them an eco-friendly and practical choice for summer.

Creative Ways to Use Rugs and Carpets 

Rugs as Wall Art

Transforming your home with rugs doesn't have to be limited to the floor. Use rugs as wall art to fill your vertical space with texture, color, and warmth. This approach is aesthetically pleasing and serves as a design solution for blank walls needing a boost. Use bold and shaggy rugs to create a bohemian atmosphere for a maximal decor impact, or suspend a handwoven wool rug with a substantial curtain rod for a more refined look.

wall art summer rugs

Layering Techniques for Visual Interest

  1. Start with the base: Select a large rug for the foundation, such as 8x10 or 9x12 feet. This will anchor your space and set the tone for additional layers.

  2. Add Smaller Rugs: Layer smaller rugs on top, ranging from 4x6 to 6x9 feet. Ensure 1 to 3 feet of the bottom rug shows underneath to create a cohesive look.

  3. Consider Room and Furniture: Layering works best in spaces with minimal furniture. If the room is simple, layer pattern on pattern; mix a solid rug with a patterned one for more complex rooms.

  4. Play with Textures and Patterns: Mixing textures adds depth and interest. For example, layering a high-pile rug over a low-pile or flat-weave rug enhances the sensory experience. Balance patterns by ensuring they share a standard color palette for visual coherence.

Including these creative uses and layering techniques, rugs can significantly enhance your home's aesthetic and comfort, offering endless possibilities for personal expression and style.


Embrace the warmth and vibrancy of the season by introducing summer carpets and rugs into your home decor. The practical yet creative use of rugs offers a pathway to revitalizing your living spaces with ease and style. By considering the aesthetic and functional aspects of using rugs, you open doors to endless possibilities for personalized and comfortable interiors. 

Let these ideas inspire you to experiment and find that perfect rug to complement your summer decor. A rug enhances your overall living experience and makes your home more welcoming and aesthetically pleasing. Contact our experts for more information on summer carpets and rugs or buying support. 


1.  What are some examples of summer rug designs and styles for indoor and outdoor spaces?
For Indoor: Textured or patterned area rug in the living room, layered in the bedroom, and Flor tiles in the dining room.
Synthetic fiber rugs, like nylon or polypropylene, are used for outdoor use, such as patios, gardens, and cozy balcony rugs.

2.  Are there any tips for maintaining and cleaning summer rugs, especially those used in outdoor areas?
For outdoor rugs, use polypropylene, which is easy to clean with a hose and UV resistance. Regularly vacuum indoor rugs and spot clean with mild detergent as needed.

3.  How can rugs be effectively used as wall art in home decor?
Use bold, shaggy rugs for a bohemian look or handwoven wool rugs with curtain rods for a refined touch. Both will add texture and color to blank walls.

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