Modern Vs Contemporary Interiors: What Rugs to Choose

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Modern Vs contemporary interiors

It is a common mistake to confuse the modern and contemporary interior styles. Home décor theme is a very personal thing and often it does not fit into one category alone. We are here to give you some clarity on modern and contemporary interiors and what area rugs you can choose with them.

Rugs for modern interiors

Modern interiors are ones that flaunt the Mid-Century design style of the 1920-’50s era. You can find similarities to the famous Art Deco style and some features of the post-modernist styles popular during the 80s and 90s. To put it loosely, modern design was conceptualised at the peak of the modern art movement, influenced by Scandinavian and German Bauhaus design. 

Focus on simple form and function is the dominating theme of this style of interior design. You will find that the modern interior theme leans towards natural materials and thus, the furniture and furnishings are mostly made of materials like wood, linen, and leather. 

For this type of interior setting, you will mostly see woollen rug at the centre of the décor. For modern interiors, it is best to go with rug designs that are nature-inspired. Use of mostly of earthy tones and vibrant primary colors, like red, blue, and yellow are the central feature of modern interiors. 

Rugs with these colors will perfectly complement the aesthetic, reflecting creations during the art movement of the early and mid-20thcentury. Even though modern design focuses on minimalism, it is not to be assumed that modern spaces use only cold or stark hues. Rather, they are an assimilation of a lot of neutrals that are natural and warm. Rugs for this space from the Project Error, Chaos Theory, and Hidden collections will help you maintain a streamlined look and feel. This will help you make the space feel less clinical. 

One of the most important things governing modern interiors is that they have a set function and purpose. An area rug in a modern interior theme will always have a very clearly defined design purpose.

Rugs for contemporary interiors:

Any kind of design language that refers to the present and the future falls under contemporary design. It is very fluid in nature and changes with the perception of design itself. The defining elements of contemporary interiors include cool hues, latest materials and finishes, and the unique shapes that make it trendy. Contemporary interior design is ever-evolving in nature. 

In a contemporary home, you will find the use of materials like glass, metal, and plastic imbued into its design. The rugs that go well in this kind of setting include those with black tones or whites hues. Greys can also be the dominant theme in these interiors. 

Sometimes if the design aesthetic calls for it then brighter shades like red, indigo, orange are also acceptable. The colour scheme is very market and trend-driven in this style of interiors. 

Rugs with foundational hues go very well with the minimal and no-nonsense style of décor. Rugs with geometric shapes can also be used to help highlight both the curved and straight lines of the architectural design. Rugs from the Aakar, Genesis, and Project Error collections have some great designs for this type of décor setting.


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