Rugs and Carpet: Secret Ingredient Ideas for Every Room

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You can certainly buy a house but a home is what you make of it. Your space can be a mess if someone glances at it but only appears to be organized in a manner you want when someone knows enough about you to get to know your space. The way each person keeps the room is so different from others. It in a way speaks of your personality and what you prefer as a person.

Rugs for every space

From spaces that are empty to spaces that are bustling with decor, there is always room for a rug. You can give your home a fresh and new look by placing a handmade rug to enrich its appearance. A rug is like an ornament that every room in your home can wear.

Colors play an important role when it comes to organizing your room. For instance, if you are just starting up then you can think of going minimalist. Think of neutralizing the space. Some elements will help the room pop while colors like grays and beige can help to tone it down. This can strike a perfect balance.

Make your bedroom even cozier

Purchasing bedroom rugs can be a tricky idea. If you focus on having one large area rug then there are high chances that its motifs and patterns will be covered under the bed. Instead, you can try placing a small rectangle area rug at the foot of the bed along with two runners on each side and witness how cozy space will become. Since it is a private space that does not receive much footfall so you do not have to go crazy about the durability. Therefore, you have even more options to explore for bedroom rugs making it a space where you wish to snuggle up and spend quality time with your family members. You can try solid and muted color tones for bedroom rugs and an 8’ x 10’ is generally preferred for a queen-size bed.

Make your living room liveable

For a living room, it is nice to have a large area rug in the center such that all the furniture can sit on top of it, and yet it looks perfectly organized. You can generally opt for a 9' x 12’ or 11’ x 14’ size rug. The room can look bigger if you organize it a little smartly. For instance, if you remove the pillows from the couch automatically you will notice that space just got bigger. If the living area has even more room then you can accommodate more than one rug or even go for layering to amplify the texture. The family room often has a coffee table placed in it, then you can go for a coffee station rug. Small rugs or shaped rugs will be a great option to lay below a coffee table with a couple of chairs centered around it.


When it is quiet it's a feast

For a dining room, it is suggested to use a large area rug such that even when people get up and the chairs are pulled out to make space, the legs of the chairs should still be on the rug. This prevents any kind of screeching and creaking on the floor. You can enjoy the meal as well as have quality time with your dear ones once you come back after having a long day at work. To put your rug selection at ease, you can think of an 8’ x 10’ or 9’ x 12’ rug so that you can leave around 2 feet at the periphery of it and easily place and move the furniture.

Walk down the aisle

If you have the right entryway runner placed on the entrance then you will feel as if you are walking down the aisle every time you walk on the rug. Aisles and entrances are a high-traffic area because you cross an entryway whether you are entering or leaving a space. You can try it out with busy patterns and even bold colors. It is not suggested to use light colors in this region as it receives a heavy footfall. You can go for 2’6” x 8’ or 3’ x 12’ for this area.

Feel at home while you work

An office rug should be such that it strikes the right balance between comfort and professional work. You should be relaxed enough at home and in the same breadth energetic enough to work with complete focus. Like many others, you are new to this hybrid setup and there are times when you have to motivate yourself as there are no team members around you. This is when a rug can come to the rescue. To provide you with the vibe that you are all hale and hearty to work with the same spirit that you had at the beginning of the day.

Provide comfort to the most hardworking area

You can place a small area rug near the sink area as that receives majorly heavy traffic. It is better to use a runner kitchen rug of size 2’6” x 8’ or 3’ x 5’ size. It fits a narrow lane properly as well as adds comfort beneath the feet as you need to stand for a really long duration while you are in the kitchen.


Make it even more inviting for your kid

A kid’s room rug can transform the room into his favorite space where he loves to eat, play and grow in his young years. You can explore pastel color options for a kid’s room and make it a mesmerizing experience. Children love to play with shapes and when they see something like that around them, they tend to learn faster. Lay an oval, circular, or square rug in your kid’s room and you will witness that he spends most of the time sitting there while reading story books or building locks.


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