Why Rugs are Going Popular for Interior Décor

  • one month ago


Last year has been a tough one for all of us. Somewhere down the line, we all know that we cannot term it ‘post-covid times’ yet. The pandemic is here to stay for a while. Due to which we are all getting accustomed to the new work from home setup. This is one big reason why rugs for interior decor are going popular. If you lay a handmade rug, you still feel at home while you are at work. A rug gives you just the right amount of comfort so that you can stay focused at work without being lazy.

This recent hybrid culture has not only altered our work ethics but also transformed our personal spaces. They are not the same anymore. For instance, our living room which was an earlier space of hospitality is now a place where you can sit with your laptop all day. The lines between personal and professional space have gone blur. However, if you think about it, it is still a positive change as it gave a new perspective to each one of us.

A handmade rug can help you improve the relationship you have been sharing all this while with your house to make it a home. New ideas, fearless hues, and touches of textures can add a new definition to the same old space.

Your unsettling emotions during these times can be taken care of in a room with rug decor. It has the power to smoothen your anxiety curve making the environment more liveable.

Juggle with multiple roles a house has to play

Your home is that one place that has not only transformed but accommodated many activities that you could only accomplish outdoors. For instance, relishing exotic dishes, attending meetings, giving interviews, watching movies with a bucket of popcorn, exercising and more found a room within the periphery of your home.

Owning a handmade rug is a great way to mark territories for your workspace, comfort zone, spending quality time, and other activities. When you place a rug, you unwind so many functions of a house. In other words, it is almost like adding another creative wall to your room. It not only adds warmth to space but it also ends up being more inviting than ever to shelter all your pursuits.


Changes the aura

A rug that goes with your interior decor is capable of brightening up your space. You can witness the charm unfold. The color and rich textures of a handmade rug make the room pop. After all, it is much needed after what we have all been through. If a home is a place where we stay for an entire 24 hours for months then why not make it more exuberant for everyone who resides in it.

Since each one of us has been continuously staying indoors for many hours, adding a rug in the same space will automatically convert it into a no-shoe zone. Revamping the place where each member of your family will love to sit down and spend some time together. Just like in the older times, when people used to spread a jhajam for a get-together.

The best thing about area rugs is that you can always move them to suit the right space or even to change the look of the house. The color of the rug can mix up with the hues of the room and can help you play with the elements of the room.

Amplify the charisma of your decor

In case you are looking for some inspiring ideas to elevate your interiors, you can follow modern rugs trends to find rugs online for interior décor.

People generally go for a muted tone furniture as it tends to be a safe buy. If you lay a rug in bright colors which is in contrast then it can cast a bold statement. Also, brownie points to the fact that the rug can stand out yet bind all elements of the room.

Whereas if you have really vibrant interiors, you can even go for a neutral solid rug to tone it slightly down and bring all elements in harmony.

You can go for classic rugs or modern rugs and they can frame a unique atmosphere of their own. The older the handmade rug is, the more precious it becomes for your home.


Unveil true craftsmanship via exquisite rugs

A carpet is like an anchor you can hold on to. Moreover, the best part of buying a handmade rug is that with time, it gains value. Further putting a mark on sustainable lifestyles which is the need of the hour. It is a step ahead into the world of the slow decor industry and also a contribution to a better environment.

You will be happy to know going sustainable is not always expensive. Handmade rugs can actually come for less. Bringing a rug home, in a way, is also a sign of accomplishment that you will feel as not many would make a smart choice to make a move towards sustainable living.

This artisanal work of art involves a holistic approach where old techniques are used to weave contemporary carpets to be laid in the most elegant spaces.

Desire for designer rugs and carpets

There is a longing to own a work of art, without losing its aesthetics and only to suit the taste better. An enticing designer rug or carpet becomes something that you would want to cast an impression on anyone who visits.

A modern handmade rug made by skilled artisans using an age-old art of weaving is making a move into the world of design. It only proves that craftsmanship, design aesthetics, and creativity can co-exist.

In these covid times, there are only a few instances when you might be able to call your near and dear ones at home. Leaving them awestruck with the kind of masterpiece laid adorning your floor making the gathering more memorable than ever.


Nurtures mental health

Tough times like these have taken a toll on everyone’s mental health. Nature comes to the rescue in such situations. Unfortunately, most of us can’t step out to feel the fresh air and treat our eyes. Therefore, rugs are a way to bring nature indoors. The impact the hues and natural patterns have on mental health are immense.

In fact, handmade rugs are a great way to bridge the gap and establish an even stronger bond with the environment. A rug that communicates the language of elements of nature, earth, wind, water, fire, and ether, through its hues, fibers, and patterns can provide stability even in times like these.


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