Why You Should Decorate your Den with Flat Weave Rugs

  • 2 months ago


Homes across the world with diverse decor aesthetics have, for long, adopted flat weave rugs for their practicality, style, and versatility. They are one of the most budget-friendly yet chic ways to experiment with your home decor. But before we dive into the many reasons why you bring home flat weave carpet, let’s find out what is a flat weave rug in the first place. 

What is a flat weave rug?

A flat weave carpet is made by weaving threads on a loom into colorful patterns. They don’t have a pile or the backing that you can find on hand-knotted or hand-tufted rugs. This results in flat weave rugs being lighter, much more flexible, and even reversible. They are likely to be the oldest kinds of the rug to be around and remain a favorite for decor aficionados and enthusiasts. 

You can find variations in flat weave rugs depending on their region of making. Examples are Kilims, dhurrie rugs, Soumak, and Navajo rugs, among others. Their styles differ subtly but are made using the same weaving technique.

Now that we know what a flat weave rug is, let’s find out why you should get one (or more) home for an effortless makeover. 

Reasons why flat weave rugs make for the perfect decoration pieces in any room of the house:


Wide Ranges of Style

Flatweave rugs can be found in a wide variety and diversity of colors, patterns, and designs that are a delight to decorate with. If you think that a flat weave carpet can only be one that is fringed with a Middle Eastern flair or in Southwestern styles with Native American patterns, then you are mistaken. More and more designs are coming up including geometric, abstract, striped, making them perfect for contemporary homes. But this isn’t to say that you can’t find traditional and transitional styles too. From simple stripes in monotones to intricate Oriental designs, flat weave rugs cover the whole gamut. So, no matter what the decor aesthetic in your room or the color theme you want to stick to, you will find a flat weave rug without any difficulty. Be it maximal places that need something to ground it down or spaces that have gone heavy or the neutrals, a flat weave carpet can help you strike the right balance. They&rsquo's casual, fuss-free, and a breeze to take care of.

Great transitional pieces

While antique, traditional rugs have undeniable charm and add incomparable heft to space, they are also quite an investment and take up a lot of space in your home. Traditional rugs can’t be changed as per season and your change in style as per the trends, transitional pieces surely can. This is where flat weave rugs come with a lot of advantages. If your room already has a centerpiece in the form of a giant area rug, consider changing the color scheme and the look of the room from time to time with a flat weave carpet.


Easy to relocate

If you’ve ever tried to roll your full-sized hand-knotted or tufted rug up, you will know that it is a workout in itself. If the rug has furniture sitting on it, then you may as well delegate a whole day to it. Flat weave rugs enjoy the advantage of being light, easy to roll, and even easier to move since they don’t have a pile and a backing. You can replace or relocate them any time with little effort and switch up the look of the place. This is especially beneficial for spaces you know you would want to give a makeover to frequently. For such spaces, opt for a flat weave rug instead of a Persian carpet. 

Versatile to style

Flat weave rugs are arguably the easiest rugs to style. They are super versatile and given their lightweight and diversity in colors and patterns, they can be easily layered with other flat weaves or even with textured ones like a shag rug. You can even use them as throws, furniture accents, and wall hangings! Contemporary home owners will attest to the importance of multi-functional pieces when it comes to styling their home, and hence, always swear by flat weave rugs.

Never goes out of style, no matter the season

Flat weave rugs are trans-seasonal pieces, meaning they can also positively impact the temperature inside the space. It is no news that rugs help in the insulation inside a room and a flat weave carpet is no different. Their light and breathable cotton traps lesser heat than heavier rugs and doesn’t let your room get too hot during the warmer months.


Flat weave rugs, even though durable and fine examples of craftsmanship, consume much lesser time and skill to weave as compared to hand-knotted and hand-tufted rugs. As a result, they also cost less. When you buy a high-quality flat weave carpet, you pay relatively less and can give your home a facelift without digging deep to finance it. Therefore, not only do flat weave rugs give you a wide variety of style to choose from, but it also does it on a remarkable budget. 


We all know that no drinks, kids, pets, or kids with drinks can be allowed near a hand-knotted heavy-duty rug. They are hard to clean in case of spills and can incur expenditure to get rid of the stains by an expert. This is also a reason why families opt to decorate with flat weave rugs, especially in high-traffic areas. They’re easier to clean, they don’t shed, and can be moved any time you deem it fit. 

There are a lot of advantages a flat weave carpet enjoys over the traditional Persian ones. And it depends on your household what will suit you best. However, given its versatility and ability to fit in just about anywhere, any space can be spruced up with flat weave rugs.


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