10 Easy Ways to Give Your Home a New Year Makeover

  • one month ago

Have you been thinking of giving your den a new lease of life? If yes, then what better time to do it than the new year? This time brings fresh energy of renewal and renovation, both within and without. New year home decor is both about adding some new special pieces here and there and also reinvigorating your existing decor with some much-needed cleaning and polishing.

For example, cleaning your area rugs or getting new ones is a great idea for adding a lot more warmth to your home and protection to the flooring. Here are ten fun and easy ways to reboot your home for the new year that take very little effort:

  1. Get Your Area Rugs a Professional Cleaning Session:
    Your area rugs can endure more foot traffic, dust, stomping over, kids and pets playing about, etc. than you think. However, an occasional trip to the dry cleaner’s will bring it back to its original state. If you have wall-to-wall carpeting, you can get it cleaned with a steam cleaner or hire a carpet cleaning service. It brings out its original vibrance and depth and you will be amazed at what it can do to your room.
  2. Add Some Greenery to Your Home:
    Did you know there are dedicated Facebook groups for people who love indoor gardening? That’s because it is one of the best decorating tips out there, one that hardly ever fails. If your house looks dull and lackluster, it could very well be that it is missing a shot of greenery. For your new year's home decor, bring home some cute little succulents, a few stunning cactus for the tables, creepers to grace your entryway and balcony, etc. It does wonders in helping you cope with the dullness and gray of winter. 
  3. Organize Your Children’s Cupboard:
    Home organizing tips are just as important for new year home decor as adding shiny new stuff. You must take care of the stuff you already own and look out for the mess behind the closed doors of your wardrobes. The children’s wardrobe is especially highly susceptible to losing its state of grace very, very soon. So, this new year, make your children help you clean up their space so that they understand the importance of organization and cleanliness. No decorating tips will work if your space is untidy and messy. Use all the hidden space, keep organizers ready, and Marie Kondo away anything that hasn’t been used in the last 6 months.
  4. Declutter:
    New year home decor ideas, no matter how innovative, cannot stump the importance of decluttering your space. The new year is a fresh start, it is when you are hell-bent on living out your resolutions. You don’t want to lug around things you don’t need for yet another year when you’re making goals for a ‘new year, new you’, right? This will also help you set your intention for the next year. Start with your bedroom or the attic and make your way to the living and dining space and finally the entryway. Give your furniture a gentle polish with everyday cleaning chemicals, and send your furnishings like a tapestry, area rugs, and curtains for a good wash at the dry cleaner’s. Reorganize your kitchen cupboard and the spices section and empty your bathroom cabinet of any empty or unnecessary bottles. Consider giving away old clothes, toys, and shoes for charity or recycling them. These will prove to be the most essential home organizing tips for when you reboot your home for the new year.
  5. Consider Splashing New Colours on the Walls:
    The easiest and fastest way to change the look, vibe, and energy of any space is by changing the color of its walls. You were a cyan-blue kind of a person last year, but perhaps you are leaning towards getting the Pantone color of the year, Ultimate Gray, for 2021? This will help you align your space with your mindset and your current visual preferences. 
  6. Re-shuffle your Existing Decor:
    Sometimes, all you need for some decorating tips or home organizing tips is to reshuffle and change the location of the elements you already have at home. What if you move the almirah up against the other wall and shift the bed closer to the window? Change the position of the coffee table and redo the seating arrangement, perhaps? There are endless ways in which you can reboot your home for the new year by simply changing the location of certain decor pieces to balance the proportions out. 
  7. Add Some Scented Candles:
    To reboot your home for the new year, set the intention right from the get-go; just visual change isn’t enough. Add some scented candles around the house in a fragrance that feels the closest to your personality and you can feel the transformation right away. It gives your home a sensory overdose and makes you feel soothed throughout.
  8. Accessorize Your Home:
    Home decor ideas for new year or home organization tips don’t necessarily need you to buy new furnishings and furniture and dish out a lot of money. Sometimes, just the small things go a long way. For example, adding some cushions on your sofa or even changing the cushion cover will change the look and vibe of the room. You can add planters around the house or replace the existing ones. You can even add a single statement piece like a vintage wooden divider or a piece of art/tapestry for your wall. 
  9. Upgrade your Linens:
    Donate your old set of bed covers, duvets, and bath towels and get a fresh new set in a color, texture, and material that soothes your skin and senses. Home organization tips are all about things that not only look good but also feel good. So, for this new year’s home decor ideas, take advantage of the year-end sales to get yourself a good deal on new linen and towels.
  10. Create a Whole New Space:
    Maybe your spare room can be turned into a  reading and chilling space? Or a portion of your balcony can be perfect for setting up some patio furniture to enjoy your evening tea in silence. Get your creative juices flowing and look at the decorating tips of your favourite interior decorators or even people with an aesthetic sense that matches with yours and get ready to reboot your home for the new year by giving yourself extra, dedicated space. 

New year home decor is something that is an extremely exciting activity for those enthusiasts of decor and everything that takes their home a notch higher in the way it looks and feels. Get your family and friends on board too and you can make a day (or a week, even) out of it. However, it is important to feel overwhelmed in aiming to redo the whole house from tip to tip. The idea is to set the right intention and align everything with your present thought process.


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