All You Need to Know About Overdyed Rugs Do you feel that your home décor is not complete unless there is an antique rug to add that touch of class and royal glamour? Well, an antique rug might not fit every budget – but an overdyed rug is a great alternative for adding nostalgic charm to your décor.

Overdyeing is not to be confused with natural wear or corrosion that occurs from usage. These are unique processes that are undertaken to give certain rugs an antique appearance. Let us help you understand everything about oxidised and overdyed rugs.

The overdyeing process

Overdyed rugs are given a special kind of a wash with a solution that eats up all the wool particles and leaves out the warp and the weft with traces of the old design. A washed rug is then overdyed using a color of choice which spreads unevenly across the rug and gives it a worn-out vintage appeal. Some rugs also get oxidised over time due to the presence of metal in the dyes, but this is not the same as deliberate overdyeing to give the vintage feel.

The overdyeing process

The Lacuna collection by Jaipur Rugs is a great example of overdyed rugs and it is the perfect choice for any home and décor theme.

Reimagining old rugs

The process of overdyeing is a sustainable alternative to discarding old hand-knotted carpets. After years of using your hand-knotted carpet, you can give it a new life by having it overdyed. By doing so you will not only add a new look to your décor but also get to use your favourite carpet longer.

Reimagining old rugs

Right designs and patterns for overdyeing

While almost all hand-knotted rugs can be overdyed, but the more traditional wool and silk rugs with large motifs tend to work better. A traditional overdyed wool and silk rug can really add a new dimension to your room and bring out a cool vintage vibe. The choice of bold color can be an added advantage when using the rug to uplift a room’s ambience.

Right designs and patterns for overdyeing1

Overdyed rugs and layering

The latest among décor trends is the trend to use a rug on a rug. Overdyed rugs work beautifully when in a layered setting. A bold overdyed rug over a neutral one in a living room can add wonders to your décor. A large overdyed rug can be used as a base rug and layered with complimenting colors and designs for an interesting mix and match look.

Overdyed rugs and layering1No matter what style you ultimately go for, an overdyeing is one of the best ways of repurposing an old rug and giving it an all-together new identity.