wall hanging rugs

Let me share a quirky home décor idea with you and you tell me if you would try it at your place. Would you exchange a painting on your living room wall with hand-knotted wall rugs? It’s a décor idea that a lot of interior designers are experimenting with. With this post, We’ll take you through the nuances of decorating with wall hanging rugs.

The practice of hanging rugs on the wall or as a tapestry is not a new one. You can see in palaces and forts across the globe, a number of intricately woven hand-knotted rugs used as wall rugs. A hand-knotted rug is as unique as a painting. It is woven by tying one knot at a time using upward of two million knots. Each weaving community is unique in its own way. It is as worthy of going up on a wall as any painting. It has all the things that you are looking for in a painting: originality, aesthetic appeal, and craftsmanship.

Rugs for Walls Decor

It is best to choose hand-knotted rugs as wall rugs. A hand-knotted rug has all characteristics of a typical painting. Designers love flatweave or kilims for wall art decoration. A lot of abstract patterns, modern and transitional patterns are in vogue these days. Some people also like to display their antique or heirloom pieces on the walls.

Taking the concept forward, Jaipur Rugs tied up with architect Hiren Patel to create handmade rugs out of his paintings. The collection is called ‘Reminiscence‘ and it is created from paintings inspired by travel stories to faraway lands.

Wall hanging rugs - Rugs as wall paintings


A Quiet Night in Paris - Hiren Patel X Jaipur Rugs

Odd shaped rugs are another beautiful way adding drama to your wall’s decor. Rugs from the Jaipur Wunderkammer and Concoction collection is another way to make your décor stand out.

Where to use wall rugs?

Just like paintings, wall rugs can act as central pieces in a room’s décor. Handmade Rugs can grace living room walls and they can be displayed behind headrests in bedrooms with equal panache. For a study room, they can be great sound absorbs as well as add to the look and feel of the room. You can also add a dash of color in a Kid’s room with colorful wall hanging rugs.

Where to use wall rugs

Rugs on the walls can have any number of uses. it is just a matter of how you decide to experiment with them.